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Waterfront District

Waterfront District

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Blue world City presents Pakistan’s first-ever waterfront community – the Waterfront District Block. This project aims to provide a stunning living space to people who wish to be in peace and peace. There are numerous commercial and residential plots available to purchase in this beautiful area at reasonable prices and an easy installment plan. The waterfront area is a good investment for your future. Blue World City Waterfront Block Islamabad is the newest addition. It is situated near the Chakri road interchange and the newly planned Rawalpindi Ring Road. Deciding to invest in the district’s waterfront is an investment in your better future.


This Block will provide many possibilities for those who wish to live on the water and take in the daily dosage of Vitamin Sea. After the successes of the previous Block in Blue World City Islamabad and numerous projects that the developers have made they have now launched this new Block that will feature luxury class and affordable.

The Blue World City has surprised the world of real estate again by introducing a brand new district dubbed the Waterfront District Block. This Block lets people live a luxury lifestyle and also assesses the trends in real estate appreciated by those who live there. Since the Block’s launch, it has been the most sought-after option for property owners in Islamabad.

The Blue Group of Companies (BGC) has established the Waterfront district with the highly acclaimed Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company. BWC Waterfront Block BWC Waterfront Block is located right in front of BWC Overseas Block Phases 5 and 6.

6 Marla 12, 18 Marla, and 18 Marla homes are located in Islamabad’s Blue World City Waterfront District Block. This neighborhood has stunning views along the gorgeous waterfront, which makes these entire plot types listed above good buys.

Developers & Owners - The Blue World City

Blue World City Islamabad Waterfront District Block offers outstanding real property services. Saad Nazir, the son of ex-Deputy Commissioner Lahore Chaudhry Nazir, is the project’s owner of Blue Group of Companies and has signed an MOU with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company, a well-known Chinese company. The memorandum is a precursor to a luxury real property development.

Blue Group of Companies began as a real estate firm that provides modern architectural and construction services nationwide. Blue Group of Companies has built an excellent reputation as a reliable and professional company because of the quality of its products and services. Blue Group of Corporations is the top choice among Pakistan’s five real estate firms. It is not just real estate; Blue Group is also a leader in various other areas. IT support, development, Printing, Marketing, and Construction are a few of their primary fields. Due to the absence of a room with a lake in Rawalpindi, this Waterfront District Block will become the talk of the town. Other notable projects managed by the firm include:

  • PIA Co-operative Society
  • Blue Mart & Technologies
  • Center Park Lahore
  • Blue Town Emporium

Blue World City was established in 1998 and is managed under BGC. Blue Group of Companies (BGC), with Mr. Saad Nazir, son of Ch. Nazeer is his sole shareholder (former Deputy Commissioner for Lahore).

The reality, the Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company is the creator of Blue World City. Blue World City will be perhaps the most exciting news in the real estate market in Pakistan

Waterfront District NOC

There was speculation on the real estate market concerning the NOC condition in Blue World City. However, at the moment, the project has been wholly accepted through Rawalpindi Development Authority. Rawalpindi Development Authority. In response to Vide Letter no, Blue World City Islamabad has been approved for development and planning by authorities like the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). 532/10/DC.

The Rawalpindi Development Authority has ratified The Rawalpindi Development Authority has accepted the Waterfront District Block NOC. The general proposal is completely transparent and legal as well. Blue World City management has persevered to have the society endorsed by the authorities in charge. It was a success, and, as of now, the Waterfront district map is officially legal approval for a NOC.

One of the most notable achievements during this time was Blue World City; the contrary had already been granted planning permission from the RDA before it was given the NOC.

Achievements - The Blue World City

Through the years, BGC has established itself as the most trusted real estate businessman. Some of the most successful projects include PIA, Cooperative Housing Society, Center Park Lahore, and Blue Town Emporium. Look at it this way: Blue World City is responsible for some of Pakistan’s lowest-cost real estate developments.

The services unmatched by BWC include IT Assistance, Construction, Printing for commercial purposes, Development of Real Estate, Architectural Planning, and Marketing.

More than 300 experts in architecture, as well as managers, designers, and designers, make up BGC’s staff. BGC’s team is committed to its work and aims to support the organization in attaining the highest standards. BGC’s vision is BGC to transform the dynamic of real estate in Pakistan.

Waterfront District Location & Map

This Blue World City Waterfront District Block position is vital since it allows residents to experience the stunning panoramas of surrounding waters. It’s also an excellent location to put your money into. The Block is easily accessible from the twin cities’ main areas. The Block is located on the main Chakri Road near Chakri Interchange. The Waterfront Block is between phases 5 and 6, comprising BWC Overseas Block. BWC Overseas Block. The Lahore-Islamabad Motorway offers direct access to the Block (M-2). Take a look at the Waterfront District Location Map. You’ll realize that much thought and planning has gone into it to make this area as successful as the one before it.


If we consider the Waterfront site and the accessibility of this Block to the other significant locations within the region, this Block is situated near:


  • In between Islamabad and Rawalpindi, It is just 33 minutes away
  • The society is located close to the Chakri roadway and the Chakri interchange.
  • In the direction of Khanal Homes, it’s a 33-minute drive.
  • It will take about an hour to reach Saddar, Rawalpindi.
  • In Sihal, Country Road, getting to the society takes about 3 minutes.


Blue World City Waterfront District The location is stunning. It is a stunning location. Waterfront District is easily accessible from the urban areas, including Islamabad in Pakistan and Rawalpindi. Its Waterfront District Block location faces the main roads, such as Chakri Road near Chakri Interchange. It is easily accessible via the Lahore-Islamabad motorway (M-2) and Islamabad Airport.

Plots for Sale in the Waterfront Block

Blue World City Islamabad now gives you great investment opportunities and the latest facilities thanks to the launch of this building. According to reports, the Block will provide affordable residential plots: six Marla, twelve Marla, and 18 Marla. Blue World City’s Waterfront Block is the ideal choice if you’re looking to invest safely. Based on a first-come-first-served basis, the plots are currently available. Therefore, Emporium Properties advises interested investors to grab this opportunity to invest in BWC’s fantastic initiative.

Amenities in The Waterfront District Block

The owners have created a fantastic investment opportunity after achieving decent results in another area. They have designed a Waterfront District Block that will give residents an exciting and exciting event. The name suggests it’s an extraordinary development. Artificial lakes surround it, along with a hilly landscape and waterparks. The new Block will help the dreams of real estate investors come to life.

The Waterfront District block map covers an array of amenities that include monitoring of the Grand Mosque, Streets of food and water, hubs for business, swimming pools to be found, Eco-friendly spas, walking trails, gyms, cinemas outdoors, and a community with a fence. Furthermore:

  • Lake View

The residents will be delighted by the beautiful views of the Lake. The attraction of Waterfront block is that it’s located in an ideal location and offers reasonable payment. The views at the Housing Society are stunning.

  • Outdoor Cinema

A movie in the open air is an ideal scenario for Pakistanis; however, if you live at the Waterfront block, you’ll be able to take advantage of this, but as you watch your favorite films. You will also be able to take in the panorama over the Lake. It will feature cinemas of international standard.

  • The Walk

The map of the waterfront district features a walking trail that showcases the housing society’s charming charm. It is located near the club for watersports. The pathway will take you into the retail zone, where you can stroll through the beautiful views.

  • Water Floating Restaurant

There’s a waterfront food court that is in line with the international standard in The Blue World City Waterfront District. The menu is a mix of the most well-known local brands to global brands, and the view is bound to be breathtaking. It’s designed so that it is an open-air restaurant.

  • Water Sports

A world-class water sports club is cheering on the highest point of Waterfront District Block. Games and water sports are on offer at this location. There’s a group of volunteer athletes trained by professional coaches who are available to assist you with your participation in sports that require much effort. In addition, international experts are expected to develop the pools to maximize the capacity of each Block.

  • Dancing fountain

In the Waterfront District Block, there is an enormous fountain that dances. So you can also enjoy all the splendor of flowing water right before you. The fountain’s dancing project is expected to be finished shortly and will soon become an original waterpark in Rawalpindi. The team of experts is working round the clock to make the fountain have the appearance of art.

Waterfront District Block Payment Plan

If we look at what we mean by the Waterfront Block Payment Plan, the Block is at its peak currently. The project is in the early stages of construction, and the homes are reasonably priced. For the convenience of investors, the property has an easy installment plan of 4 years. The bookings start with a ten percent down payment and a five percent confirmation fee.

Blue World City Waterfront Block provides the most authentic way to have a peaceful and relaxing experience at low costs. It’s an excellent choice for people who want to feel relaxed and entertained for a minimal cost. The administration has altered the social payment system to make it more affordable to everyone who wants to achieve their dreams.

The Waterfront district is home to a range of commercial and residential plots, including 6, 12, and 18 Marla plots. For the benefit of investors, the district offers a four-year, easy installment plan with forty monthly payments. Based on the Waterfront Payment Plan, the booking process begins with a 10% down payment and the payment of a confirmation fee of five percent.

  • 6 Marla

The cost of six Marla parcels within The Waterfront District is PKR 17.5 lacs. However, you could also choose an installment plan that includes the price of PKR 1.75 lacs as the beginning point of the book. Afterward, investors can pay 40 semi-annual or monthly and 8 quarterly installments. This plan will run for 4 years.

  • 12 Marla

The land of 12 Marla in The Waterfront District payment plan includes an overall cost of more than PKR 31,5 lacs and a book price of PKR 3.15 lacs. This gives you the possibility of paying PKR 31,500 in 40 monthly or 8 half-year installments.

  • 18 Marla

The cost of an 18-marla plot in The Waterfront District will be 42 lacs PKR and a booking charge of 2.1 lacs. The plots are available for the option of a four-year plan for payment that includes eight half-year installments.

Special Features in this Stunning Block

Special Features in this Stunning Block

Waterfront District Block Waterfront District Block, as the name implies, is intended to let visitors enjoy stunning views of the Lake and the surrounding area. The neighborhood will be renowned for its serene, elegant, luxurious, beautiful homes for sale, priced at a reasonable price. In addition to the stunning views of the serene Lake, the Block has numerous other amenities that are sure to draw buyers. Attractions within Waterfront Block

  • The Waterfront Community
  • Dancing fountain
  • Restaurant on the water that is floating
  • Water sports
  • Waterfalls
  • Lakes
  • Canals
  • The walk
  • 24/7 security
  • Modern infrastructure
  • The green and lush aspect of the Block
  • Fitness tracks and fitness centers
  • Security surveillance
  • Underground wiring for the entire community
  • Drainage and Water Disposal System

Why should you consider investing in this Block? Waterfront District Block?

We only showcase the most desirable properties, and that’s why we are telling you about the excellent characteristics of this magnificent Block located in Blue World City. Furthermore, we will notify you of the reasons to invest in this real estate area.

The Blue World City Waterfront District Block accurately depicts the current state of extravagantness, comfort, and class. The Waterfront block is worth investment based on its design and features.

The Waterfront District Block is in its most critical stage right now. The Block is in the early phases of construction, but the properties are affordable. The most remarkable eminent aspects include:

  • This waterfront district map provides the basic technology and amenities that make living a comfortable lifestyle feasible.
  • It provides a range of water sports and fun activities that keep you occupied and amused.
  • It’s Water Park Islamabad makes a strong connection between man and surroundings, making people feel at ease.
  • The Waterfront District block offers investors the perfect payment plans that increase their investment returns.
  • Blue World City Waterfront District Block provides plots for large-scale investors at affordable costs for salaried individuals.
  • Approved Society

Blue World City is an approved project by the concerned authorities, which makes it a secure place to invest.

  • Affordability

Lots within this Block are available for sale at the most affordable prices. The attractive rates should be one of many reasons to invest in this area. The plan for payment of installments is equally appealing.

  • Modern Features

Another reason to invest in this area is the contemporary features and modern amenities, which are attractive to investors. The Block’s most notable features are water-themed restaurants, outdoor cinemas, and water sports facilities.

Blue World City Waterfront District Blue World City Waterfront District is a modern block expected to soon become one of the top blocks because of its impressive design and execution. From geographic Waterfront area to what it will cost to conveniences to the size of the plot, it’s a full array of profitable property investments. It’s no surprise that the Waterfront District Block has been an excellent real estate venture since its beginning. Prices have increased due to the massive demand for the project. This Waterfront District block offers residential and commercial plots for a reasonable price.

Emporium Properties is among the most reputable real estate firms in Lahore, Lahore, and Islamabad. We’re committed to providing affordable and ideal real estate for the citizens of Pakistan.

Waterfront District
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Waterfront District

Features & Amenities

Simply amazing and create an ever-lasting impression on anyone
who visits it. Some of its features include:
Safety and Security
In recognition of its distinctiveness and attractiveness Because of its distinctiveness and appeal, Waterfront District investment will expand to 100% in the future.
Beautiful Lake View
These residents will appreciate the stunning lake view. In addition, this Waterfront block is attractive because it is situated in a prime location and offers a reasonable amount of payment options.
Outdoor Movies
A movie in the open air might appear like a pipedream for Pakistanis. However, those who live within the Waterfront block could take pleasure in not just this but also the tranquility of the Lake while watching their favorite films.
The Walk
A walk through the neighborhood shows the appealingness of the housing society on the waterfront block map. The water park is right next to the property. The path leads one to the business zone, which you can stroll while taking in the breathtaking landscapes…
Restaurant on the Water
The menu will feature the most well-known international and local brands, and the experience will be spectacular. The structure was constructed to look like the appearance of a water-based eatery.
Astonishing Infrastructure
The administration has appointed a team to design and build The Waterfront District. The design and aesthetics of the Block will give peace of mind.
Water Activities
On the high point on the Waterfront District Block, an international water sports club is cheering. There you can take part in water-based sports and games. A team of trained and professional volunteers will be there to assist you in sports that require adventure.
The fountain that dances
The project will include a huge dancing fountain within the Waterfront District Block. The fountain that dances are expected to be completed shortly, and Rawalpindi will also have its water park. The dedicated staff works daily to supply the fountain with an aesthetic look…
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