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Shadman Enclave (Updated) Payment Plan


Shadman Enclave is the newest project of Shadman Developers, a well-established company in the market. It is a new part of the residential project of Lahore City, intending to provide the best living space.

The place plans to provide luxury living with all the necessary amenities, including wide roads, underground electricity, excellent educational institutions, and impeccable religious monuments. In addition, there will be wide-carpeted roads, street lights all across the area, a gas facility, and much more. The aim is to provide the best facilities to residents in one space, ensure that all their needs are fulfilled, and facilitate their lifestyles as much as possible.

For this purpose, the developers have done tireless work to bring the best of the best to you, work with experts in all fields, and ensure the highest standard of living at affordable prices, making it accessible to all interested in investing in property for their futures.

The approval for this project has been given by Lahore Development Authority (LDA) and Tehsil Municipal Authority (TMA), and work is already underway to bring about all the beautiful structures planned for the Shadman Enclave.

There will be modern infrastructure to give aesthetic appeal and an underground sewage system for cleanliness. A gated community with 24/7 security to ensure your safety, a community club for all your socialization, and a fitness centre to promote a healthy lifestyle will also be available. Furthermore, a hospital and dispensaries provide immediate medical help, water and electricity supplies to ensure basic needs are met, and 140 and 80 feet wide roads with 30 to 40 feet internal streets to provide easy access to all the places in the area.

Furthermore, there will be ample entertainment, socialization, and learning opportunities. You will never be bored with our world-class gymnasium, top-tier swimming pool, and high-capacity cinema hall. In addition, our food court has various options for all tastes and a shopping mall; there is no need to leave the area for anything because everything you need is provided for you, close enough to walk and easily accessible to the residents. Furthermore, we will put up a safari park for the amusement and enjoyment of all age groups. Society will provide all necessary resources for your benefit to ensure excellent quality of life in all aspects.

Shadman Enclave is located on the main Sharaqpur Road, close to the Faizpur Interchange. It is only a short distance from the Toll Plaza for Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. Some significant housing areas, including Lahore Gardens, Al-Rehman Garden, Al-Noor Orchard, Al-Raziq Garden, and Omega Residencia, are in the vicinity to provide a better sense of community living. The location makes it the right choice for living due to the connection with other housing societies, ease of travel from place to place, and access to all the necessary sites and areas. 

Shadman Enclave Housing Scheme

Shadman Enclave Housing Scheme aims to give back to the community by developing a space that facilitates its residents’ individual and collective living standards, expectations, and desires. For this purpose, The developers did tireless planning in the structural phase of this project, and multiple ideas have been implemented to reach the end goal of resident satisfaction.

The project is spread over a large area of land, covering a huge chunk of the outskirts of Lahore. The location makes it easily accessible from all sides while keeping it a peaceful and serene space away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, the pollution (noise, air, etc.), the crowds and the general chaos all around. The protection and facilitation of the people is the primary goal of the Shadman Enclave Housing Scheme, and all developmental, security, and construction measures will be taken, keeping it in mind.

It is divided into eight blocks; A Block, B Block, C Block, D Block, E Block, F Block, G Block, and H Block. These blocks have further land divisions of 3 marlas, 5 marlas, 10 marlas, 14 marlas and 20 marlas. The sizes are decided based on the needs of the area, the surrounding amenities, and, most importantly, the customers’ requirements. Commercial and residential plots are included in the scheme.

Half of the construction work is already done, and the rest is underway, with a predicted competition date soon. Streets, road lights, and underground power channels have been added to the enclave, and the basic structural foundations have already been laid.

Shadman Enclave Plots

Shadman Enclave Plots are the best decision for a secure commercial or residential future. With the area’s prime location, the excellent development already underway, the impeccable architecture, beautiful scenery, incredible opportunities, and an environment that facilitates your needs, this is the perfect option for luxury living.

The instalment plans for the Shadman Enclave Plots are easily affordable, manageable, and spread out over five years to ensure the best chance of ownership for you. With only a 15% down payment for booking a plot of your choice, becoming a property owner here is seamless and fissile.

The instalments are only 10% per marla for park-facing corner plots. These instalments are staggered across a period of 5 years, with 36 monthly and six half-yearly instalments to promote a relationship of trust with the customers. We will give possession after payment of 1,000,000 is completed, differing for the sizes of the plots.

Shadman Enclave plots provide another excellent opportunity to own your property in one go, with the choice of full payment at booking. In this case, we will give a 10% discount to customers for their prompt decision-making and the right choice of our enclave.

So, there is no doubt that for the best commercial and residential properties, a great investment opportunity, and the fulfilment of all the needs for the luxury lifestyle of your dreams, Shadman is the right choice. The tireless work, the developers, do ensures your quality of life in every aspect, from necessities to security to entertainment. All your needs will be met here; book your plot now before the chance of a lifetime slips away.

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