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Park View City Islamabad

Park View CIty Islamabad

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Park View City is a privately commissioned housing society in Islamabad’s affluent Zone IV, surrounded by the massive and wealthy Margalla Hills. The housing development is one of the few in the region that has already received a NOC from the Capital Development Authority. Park View City Islamabad is located on the outskirts of Islamabad’s botanical gardens and has multiple entrance points, making it a handy location for all tourists. The Vision Group is developing this housing sector, which has a diverse portfolio and a proven track record of real estate ventures in Pakistan’s major cities, including Karachi and Lahore.

Company’s most well-known projects include Park View Signature Apartments Karachi, Park View Lahore DHA, and Park View Villas Lahore. Apart from that, the organisation is led by Mr. Abdul Aleem Khan, a well-known politician and philanthropist. Park View City Islamabad has been dubbed Islamabad’s “Golden Jewel” because to its great location, rapid growth, and high-quality infrastructure, which has caught the interest of both local and foreign investors. Park View City’s key investment draw is its high-quality development and tranquil natural scenery, which has earned it the moniker “Heaven On Earth.

Park View City Developers & Owners

Vision Group created park View City Islamabad with modern architecture and the latest technology. It is now one of the most sought-after housing societies—the most current, technologically advanced Vision Group, led by Park View City Owner Mr. Aleem Khan is the one who is developing this type of society. The development of Park View City is their first project in Islamabad, and they’re delivering modern technology and state-of-the-art. The project strives to be the best by being among the most exciting residential developments in the region.


Vision Group was created in 2012 and has since completed a variety of revolutionary real estate developments. Vision Group has dominated the Pakistani real property market in just a few years and has established it as one of the region’s most trusted and reliable development firms. The company aims to offer a luxurious lifestyle through various projects in urban landscaping and construction in metropolitan areas. Vision Group’s developments are beautiful aesthetics and modern functionality, making a convenient and lavish living. The Vision Group completed numerous successful projects, which included stunning architectural masterpieces in the major cities of Pakistan.


Park View City NOC

Park View City Islamabad is an entirely legal housing society. Park View City has received approval from the Capital Development Authority (CDA) Capital Development Authority. CDA is a department owned by the government that is responsible for Islamabad’s town and municipal services. The residential society’s NOC is legally valid, and among Park View City’s most appealing attributes is its stunning ambiance, offering fantastic views of nature. Park View City is a prestigious housing society. Park View City Islamabad pledges to offer international commercial, recreational, residential, and infrastructure services. The city provides residents with amenities that exceed their expectations. The NOC is mandatory for all housing developments. In addition, Park View housing society has official NOC and CDA-certified paperwork.


Park View City Islamabad Vision Group

Vision Group was formed in 2012 and has been involved in unprecedented real estate ventures since its inception. In just a few years since its inception, Vision Group has acted in the property sector and established itself as one of the most trustworthy and reliable development companies. Park View Vision Group is an initiative that seeks excellence by being among the cities’ most enthralling housing developments. Through numerous construction and urban landscape projects in the world, Vision Group aims to provide a relaxing and comfortable living. Within their projects, the Vision group features elegant designs and modern features which allow for luxury and comfort. The following are other projects of this group Vision group:

  • Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation
  • Park View Icon, located at I.I.Chundrigarh road, Karachi
  • Park View City in Islamabad
  • Park View Corporate Center at Mall Road-Lahore
  • Park View Signature Apartments at Gulberg-Lahore
  • The National School
  • Park View Villas at Multan road and Lahore.
Park View City Area

Park View City area extends across the 7700 Kanal area, including several commercial and residential blocks. Society is drawn to every social expectation. Park View City is divided into a variety of alphabetical blocks, which are residential and commercial. Management also announced the extension block “J” in society at the last election, what held on the company premises. There are five Marla plots within blocks B, F, B, F, and K, while in blocks A, B, F, I, and H, 10 marla plots are also available. Blocks Band C F, E, and M, Blocks D and P also have 2-Kanal Plots. The category plots within the community, like Corner, Park Facing, and the plots located on the Main Boulevard of the society, are priced at 10% more than the standard plots proposed by the society.

Park View City Master Plan

Park View City Master Plan covers an enormous area. It encompasses plots of many types, such as:

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla

Additionally to this, the Park View City master plan also provides units in the following categories: Park View City master plan includes units under one of the categories below:

  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Park View City’s master plan also includes the creation of luxurious homes. Apart from that, within the following areas, commercial plots are also available:

  • 6 Marla
  • 8 Marla

This entire neighborhood, which includes A to J, is split into various blocks. Furthermore, the most modern amenities such as well-paved streets, street lights, lush green belts, and many more are offered.


Park View City Islamabad Map

The most important factor is location. This is such a significant issue that most seasoned and experienced real estate investors take into account when purchasing a home. Park View City is a well-known attraction! There are several housing societies in the neighbourhood, but most do not have the benefit of being adjacent to three major roads and the peaceful Islamabad Zoo and Botanical Gardens in the heart of Margallas. Park View City Islamabad Map is ideally placed near the CDA-commissioned Park Enclave and across from the wonderfully built Bahria Enclave. The society is advantageously placed near the Kashmir Highway and the Islamabad Highway, as well as Bani Gala and Chak Shahzad. Islamabad Zoo and Botanical Gardens are located on the northern edge of Park View City.

The society is firmly connected to the Kurri Road via Malot Road. The community now has direct access to Islamabad’s park road, making the Islamabad Blue Area a simple 15-minute drive away. The Simli Dam Road connects with Malot Road on the eastern end, giving the society convenient access to BharaKahu and beyond.

The Park View City ’s renowned a comprehensive development strategy for all of the society’s residential plots, commercial boundaries, and civic facilities. The fact that all roads leading to civilization are at least 100 feet wide is the site’s and map’s most significant benefit. The Capital Development Authority (CDA) aims to convert Kurri Road, Malot Road, and Simli Dam Road to 200-foot boulevards as part of Islamabad’s 2020 Master Plan. This implies that all Park View City Islamabad access roads will be renovated to at least 200 feet in length, making life easier for Park View City Islamabad residents. Park View City’s main boulevard artery, which is currently 200 feet wide, makes an excellent first impression on visitors.


Park View City Islamabad Payment Plan

Park View City Islamabad covers approximately 1200 kanal. The NOC from CDA backs up the fact that the majority of the land purchase is for Park View City, and the society’s infrastructure is slated to be built within this land area. However, due to increased demand, a future extension may be required. The society’s land is further divided into residential and commercial portions. The residential sub-sectors of Park View City Islamabad are referred to as blocks, and each block has a varied distribution of land sizes.
The following plot sizes are now available in Park View City Islamabad Payment Plan.

  • 5 Marla  
  • 8 Marla   
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal 

According to the concept, all of the Park View City blocks are expanding at a rapid pace, with possession available in A, B, C, and D. Sector H is being built alongside other blocks at a rapid pace, and according to the developer, those who reserve a plot in this block now with a 25% down payment will be able to take possession with only a 25% down payment. This is the best time for aspiring homemakers who want to make Islamabad their home to seize this opportunity.

The Park View City Installment & Payment Plan was designed with future homeowners and investors in mind. The down payment is usually between 10% and 30%, with the remainder of

Park View City

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Park View City Islamabad Plot Price

The Park View City reservation process is straightforward and operates on a first-come, first-served basis. Emporium Properties makes it simple to reserve a plot in the Park View society. You can reach out to us or come into the office with the following documents, which will be requested at the time of booking:
| Copy of the applicant’s ID card | Copy of your nominee’s or next of kin’s ID card | Passport-size photograph | |20 percent down payment in cash, pay order, or cross-cheque made payable to Park View Enclave (Pvt) Limited.
Park View City Islamabad plots for sale are presently available in the following sizes.

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal
  • You can reserve a plot for sale in Park View City Islamabad by following the steps below:
    Meet with an experienced Asset Manager to discuss your real estate investing objectives.
  • Our Emporium Properties Executive will assist you through the booking form and pay order procedures to complete the booking process. Fill out the form and provide a copy of your CNIC or NICOP, a copy of your nominee’s ID card, and two passport-sized photographs.
  • After completing the form, you must attach a demand draught or pay the order. The demand drought would benefit Park View City Islamabad. Your Emporium Properties Executive will assist you through the pay order formalities.

Park View City Residential Plots

3.5 Marla Residential Plots

Park View City offers 3.5 Marla limited plots available for installments within Block K. For the basis of a 20% deposit, the plot is available for booking, and the remaining amount is payable in easy monthly installments of 30.

5 Marla Residential Plots

The Overseas Block has a payment plan that lasts for three years. You can reserve plots with 5 Marla at the cost of 10 percent. For comparison, with an additional discount of 25, The Block would come with an exclusive gate and dedicated education and health services. The Block outside will provide free Wi-Fi to help you feel connected and ahead to feel at ease.

7 Marla Residential Plots

What can find a fantastic mix of contemporary and urban living in a stunning location, 7 marlas in the H block? The size of the 7 marlas in the H block ranges from 30-60 square feet.

8 Marla Residential Plots

For everyday use A unique and perfect size. Eight Marla in J Block are minimal plots and are that is in high demand. Within J Block, the 8 marla dimensions are 30*60.

10 Marla Residential Plots

The Overseas Block has a payment plan that lasts for three years. Lots of 10 Marla can be purchased at only 10 percent. With a discount of 25 percent, the Block would be accompanied by an exclusive gate and specific health and educational services.

1 Kanal Residential Plots

The Overseas Block has a payment plan that lasts for three years. Lots of 1 Kanal are available for only 20 percent. With a discount of 25 percent, the Block will have an exclusive gate and dedicated healthcare and education services.

2 Kanal Residential Plots

Take in the cool afternoon breeze and the city’s fog-shrouded from your terrace in winter. Your dream comes true with the unique 2 Kanal plot type with luxury amenities.

Park View City Commercial Plots

3.5 Marla Commercial Plots

Exclusive commercial 3.5 marla plots within the Overseas Block To our loyal customers, Overseas is among the most sought-after Block in Park View City with unique and top-quality amenities. It offers the option of a payment plan that will last for two years. The time for delivery will be one year for international commercials.

6 Marla Commercial Plots

Downtown Park View City will be the very first downtown location in Islamabad. It will feature a stunning lake located situated in between 300 Kanal with lush and green hills. The city will be unique of a kind and will have well-known and respected restaurant chains and brands.

8 Marla Commercial Plots

This entire parcel of land with a view of the Lake could offer spectacular views of the Lake. Our commercial 8 marla is the most affordable deal you can receive for a great price in the market. Sip your tea while taking in the stunning panoramic view of the hills and the bay.

Park View Homes

Nothing is more relaxing than coming home from work and returning to your beautiful home. The home is a dream paradise. The peace everyone desires to create, think about, and live in requires a home’s security. It’s a challenging task in a city such as Islamabad, where there is enough time to leave the job to build a house of hope. PVC offers five Marla plots under the Park view city homes category.

Terrace Plots

Islamabad is known for its breathtaking views. The spectacular terrain of Islamabad is the perfect place for those who want to live a modern-day lifestyle and take in natural beauty. You can take advantage of the best of both worlds now that Islamabad’s Park View City has added exclusive terrace homes. Terrace apartments are offered under the following types:

10 Marla Terrace Plots

If you’re looking for views, space, and accessibility, your first choice is C block. The Block is located near the central Masjid, and the Masjid, C Block has exclusive plots that are 10 Marla and are sized at 35/70. There were only a few plots that were declared in C Block. These exclusive and rare Ten marla plots are unique. It gives you breathtaking views of the magnificent hillocks of Margalla as well as the sprawling landscape surrounding the two cities.

1 Kanal Terrace Plots

They are referred to as open plots from Park View City. Entire plots within Park View City with one of the best views available. E Block is one of our top luxury and Phase 1 blocks.

Park View City Overseas Block

The Overseas Block is a grand project that will meet all specifications of standard international housing. In addition to the stunning site, the overseas Block will be able to meet the needs of every member of society. The Block is located close to the downtown area of the project. It will provide its residents with a lucrative investment and an elite living. This park-view city has been divided into residential and commercial blocks. A Block J extension has also been added.

  • Blocks A, B, F, J, K, and Block A comprise 5 Marla plots.
  • Block A, B, F, and H I consist of 10 Marla plots.
  • Block B, C, E, N, F, and M comprise plots 1 Kanal
  • Blocks D and P consist of two Kanal plots

The above plots start at 20% down to Park View Housing Society. Park View Housing Society will pay the remainder of the amount in 8 equal quarterly installments, spread over two years.

Procedure to Book Your Plot in Overseas Block

The Overseas Block rates are introductory and are eligible for an easy three-year payment plan. Get in touch with Qazi Investments with the following documents to reserve your plot.

  • Copies of the CNIC
  • Copies of the CNIC from your next of
  • 2 passport size photographs

The exact place of the Block overseas will be announced within a few months, and this is the ideal moment to buy this Block. The plots are offered at the lowest cost and have much potential to grow. Overseas Block, located in Park View City, is the most suitable place to invest your money to do it safely and have a safer and healthier environment that your loved ones can enjoy.

Park View City Payment Plan

Residential Plot Sizes

  • 5 Marla (26x 50)
  • 8 Marla (30×60)
  • 10 Marla (35×70)
  • 1 Kanal (50×90)
  • 2 Kanal (75×120)


Golf Estate Block

The launch of Golf Estate Block Park View City is highly appealing and refreshing for golf enthusiasts who wish to start their lives in a calm and exquisite atmosphere. This design incorporates all of the most recent facilities and features. Without a doubt, this block will be one of the most promising sites in society.

Park View City’s management, according to property insights, has constructed a premium block called as Golf Estate Block. This block is becoming renowned as a true masterpiece of beauty and luxury due to its great planning and construction in the middle of attractive surroundings.

The exact location of Park View City has yet to be determined, although the management expects to do so soon. According to property insights, this lovely site is most likely near Bahria Enclave. This block will also be linked to Gate 2 of Park View City Islamabad.


Golf Estate Block is currently accepting bookings for 5 Marla and 10 Marla plots with only a 25% down payment. A 5 Marla plot is expected to cost 6000k, with a flexible payment plan available. This block has piqued the interest of investors, and it is currently in the spotlight.

Category Plots

The category plots in the society, such as park-facing corners, or park-facing plots located along Main Boulevard, are estimated to be 10 percent more than the standard plot rates.

Discounted Price


With the lump-sum payment, the society will give you a 5% discount on the total cost of the land. That means that if you purchase each plot in Park View City without utilizing the previously mentioned installment plan, the society will offer you a discount of 5.

Park View City Features

Park View City has a beautiful location and facilities that will please everyone who is a nature lover. Park View City is a prominent name in the Real Estate Sector. The location and greenery provide additional beauty to not just its location but also its pleasant climate. Furthermore, Park View City Islamabad also offers outstanding amenities like:

  • Park View City will be an example of entertainment and leisure. It will offer the most immersive cinematic experience you can imagine in cinemas that are Cinemas of IMAX and 3 D technology.
  • The society’s community center and the club allow people to participate in outdoor and indoor activities such as pool bowling, tennis, cricket, snooker, and golf.
  • It will also have its modern hospital.
  • It will also have an extra park that you can relax in.
  • To ensure privacy and security, Overseas Block will have an additional gate.
  • Overseas Block residents will have the option of owning their own commercial space.
  • Separate mosque for those who reside in that Block overseas.
  • A secure and fully gated community surrounded by a wall that covers the entire project can be found in Park View City. The community’s security is not as vital as the communities around Park View. However, this community has also fenced off the area near the national forest department.
  • Making the most of the lush natural surroundings in Islamabad Park View City, this project is expected to become an iconic landmark currently in development, adding to its appeal the appeal of high-rise structures as well as modern infrastructure, along with an attractive housing design.
  • The dam’s water supply construction would include an electrical power station to create an unload-shedding zone to ensure ample power sources for society.
  • In the communities that offer the most comprehensive curriculum close to the housing blocks, what could establish the integration of top education and schools to be easily accessible and within a short distance?
  • The ease of your children attending school in your neighborhood is a blessing. Your children will not just be under your watchful eye and attention, but you’ll also receive the benefit of a 25% discount within schools in our system.
  • Be connected with the rest of humanity. You’ll be able to use the free internet access.

Park View City Balloting

After the removal of unpaid debts after the payment of dues, the Balloting and Possession of the plots within Park View City Islamabad started on March 24, 2019, on the premises of the Park View Housing Company for the most deserving plots. Famous personalities from the company and those who have authorized dealers of the prestigious project were present at the ceremony. In the extension blocks of the business, plot numbers were assigned to 5 marlas, 8 marlas 10 marlas, and one Kanal, along with two Kanal plot files. The balloting process was conducted for investors who promptly paid their dues and installments in an efficient computerized system. What sent official documents containing the plot number assigned and descriptions to the proprietors of each plot after a week.

Park View City Development Work

Currently, the ownership of the plots given in the first blocks is Blocks A, B & D. Block C & H. will soon become possession-capable. Blocks E, F, J, K & Block Overseas are currently in process. Additionally, homes have already been built within Park View’s PVC houses. Road trails, boundary walls, and Main Boulevard are being constructed, and a fast pace of construction is underway. Prominent city leaders have already started the building of educational and healthcare centers.

Furthermore, the development of park areas and Masjid is also in progress. Commercial ventures have been recently started as well. What will alter the Park View City spectrum?

Pros of Park View City

Ideal Location

Park View City is located on Malot Road, just 15 minutes away from Kashmir Highway by vehicle. It’s a good match and easily connected to the city. It is conveniently connected to the central city. PVC housing association also enjoys the benefits of the surrounding hills and mountains. It is equipped with all the amenities in other housing societies like Capital Smart City.

Commercial Area

The Park View City housing company’s main road measures 200 feet in width. Just after the entry point, the industrial area is situated. Commercial areas add residents to retail and manufacturing operations and increase the accommodation and value of a community’s way of life.

Successful Developers

Vision Group has built Park View City. Aleem Khan is well-known as a politician and the chair of Vision Group. The developers’ portfolio comprises Park View Signature Apartments, Park View Villas, and Lahore and Park View Icon business centers.

Park View City Islamabad

Features & Amenities

Simply amazing and create an ever-lasting impression on anyone
who visits it. Some of its features include:
Surveillance around the clock

The Blue City Islamabad has worked tirelessly to ensure that residents have access to enough resources, like as water, gas, and power, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

CDA Approved Society

Park View City Islamabad is the only community in Islamabad with a CDA NOC.

Educational Institutes

Top schools and educational institutions will be established in the community, providing the best curriculum in close proximity to residential blocks, making them conveniently accessible and within a short distance.

Main Boulevard & Wide Roads

Wide roads and the Main Boulevard are two of Park View City Islamabad's most prominent statistical features.

24/7 Power, gas, and water

Park View City Islamabad places a premium on the availability of electricity, water, and gas. Park View City is superior to other societies in the region due to its abundance of natural resources.

Modern Plan for Infrastructure & Housing

High-rise structures, modern infrastructure, and a gorgeous housing concept that takes advantage of Park View City Islamabad's beautiful green natural surroundings will add to its allure.

Free Zone for Load Shedding

To establish human civilisation a load-shedding-free zone The construction of the water dam has already begun, and it will include a power producing facility to ensure that the society has an ample supply of electricity.

Gardens, zoos, and botanic parks

Zoos, parks, and the Botanic Garden are also included in the housing society's goal of providing property owners with enjoyable components that distinguish it from other societies.

The State-Of-Art

Park View City will be a modern Pakistani landmark. It is the most magnificent state of art in the world, with breathtaking expansion.

The Art of Maintaining Economy

Park View City has kept the industry going and bustling for over three decades since its launch in mid-2017. Two main strategies will be to reduce the cost of periodic and strategic deals.

Plots Dimension

The Storyline Sizes of their community are larger than the average society. This is another advantage of Park View City. The size of a five-marla plot that measures 26 50′ by 26 1350 square feet. Comparatively, the size of a plot with 10 marlas in Park View City is 2450 square feet and has 35 70′ x 35 dimensions. One marla is equivalent to 250 square feet. This is typically much bigger than the majority of similar societies. 


A and B Blocks are new blocks with basic amenities accessible 24/7, all week. They are available for immediate purchase; however, only a handful of plots with a year-long payment plan are available. Your desire to own an area that is developed and has cutting-edge infrastructure is now a reality. Underground water, electricity, and parks are just a few amenities. The Block, accessible via Gate 2, improves versatility and accessibility. 


The general vision of society is impressive. The overall concept of the society is breathtaking, as is the fact that Park View will be one of Islamabad’s most prominent social orders following the successful execution. If you consider everything, Park View looks to be a great investment option for both residents and investors.


In the wake of Park View City’s receiving CDA clearance, many banks, like Silk Bank and Bank Al-Falah, are now offering home loan plans for those looking to obtain home loans in easy conditions. Qazi Investments will encourage you to avail this opportunity, and also in Green Palms Gwadar, Nova One Lahore, and more, and make sure you are a part of an exciting new venture.

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