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Overseas Block

Overseas Block

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Emporium Properties is always able to bring the best projects to its clients. Therefore, we present this golden opportunity for investment in Blue World City Overseas Block So; let’s dive deeper to learn more about this fantastic project.

Everyone in Pakistan knows that Blue World City is Pakistan’s first purpose-built project, focusing on the tourism sector. Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company is managing this project in China. This housing society is conveniently located near the Chakri Interchange, which was recently made Rawalpindi Ring Road. This project’s most important feature is that anyone in Pakistan can afford to purchase the property.

Blue World City Islamabad, Pakistan’s best choice for investors who want to invest in decent real property, is, at the moment, the best. This project is an amazing place to invest. It boasts Blue Hills Country Farms, Overseas Square, and General Square. Awami Villas and Orbital Flats are also available.

What is the Blue World City Overseas Block Block?

The Blue World City management is proud to announce the groundbreaking for the “Overseas Block.” This Block is luxuriously decorated and equipped to offer a comfortable lifestyle to foreigners and residents visiting Pakistan under the CPEC project. Blue World City plans to create a residential area for Chinese nationals in Pakistan to participate in CPEC. This is the first time a sector has been created in Pakistan’s real-estate history. Other than BWC, no other housing organizations provide such a service for Chinese tourists. This has made the housing society more attractive for investment. The twin cities’ realty segments are optimistic about their prospects and anticipate positive investment returns.

Blocks Overseas Location & Map

Blue World City is the perfect place to call home for those, not from Pakistan. The Lahore Islamabad Motorway (M2) and New Islamabad International Airport (IATA) are close by. The backdrop is filled with beautiful roads and trees. It is located far from the bustle and hustle of the city but only a few minutes from the center. The Blue World City Overseas Block Map highlights the importance and potential for the growth of this housing project.

This Block has Accessible Locations

Blue World City can be reached via the Chakri junction, which is visible on the map. You’ll find a lot of important developments nearby, such as the Defense Housing Authority or Bahria Town. The venture is located approximately 13 minutes from the highway. The airport is about a 30-minute drive. It takes only 30 minutes to get to the twin cities for those who live on the property. GT Road is also within reach of residents, which takes approximately 40 to 45 minutes from their homes. The Government plans to build a road linking the airport and Bahria Town.

BWC Update: NOC Update

The Rawalpindi Development Authority issued blue World City Islamabad its NOC via Letter No. RDA/MP&TF/F PHS-PTR-10/148. The relevant authorities gave initial approval for the 427 Kanal area. After a long process, a 5000 Kanal purchase request was made in 2018. Blue World City now includes 5,000 Kanal prime land area. District Council approved Blue World City’s NOC on December 13, 2021. This was in response to the dispute over jurisdiction between Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) and the district council. On December 11, the Governor of Punjab signed the Local Bodies Ordinance 2021. Rawalpindi District Authority will issue NOCs for all housing societies, according to the Local Bodies Ordinance. Blue World City received its NOC via Letter No 532/ 10/ DC dated 07/08/2018. Blue World City Overseas Block Balloting will make huge profits for file holders due to the NOC approval. The right time to invest was yesterday. Now is the best time to invest at Overseas Blue World City to secure your future.

Blue World City Overseas Features

The Overseas Block at Blue World City Islamabad offers a living space that features the following top-quality features:

  • High-tech digital security systems
  • Schools, hospitals, and mosques
  • Residential Gated Community
  • CCTV Surveillance at all time
  • The mechanism for the E-Tag
  • Overseas Lagoon Club

Why should you invest in this Block?

Every Pakistani knows the location of the largest real property project in Pakistan. Its attributes seem to be extraordinary, something that Pakistani civilizations seldom offer. Overseas Block has created environmentally-friendly designs that are being used by industrialized nations around the world. The Overseas Block of Blue World City offers tranquility and luxury. This Block aims to create a unique atmosphere for residents and investors.

  • Gated Community

Blue World City Overseas Block in Pakistan is one of the most secure housing communities. It is monitored by CCTV cameras that are available 24 hours a day.

  • Commercial Hub

The most compelling reason to invest in access to the Overseas Block commercial hub. The developers plan to build a commercial hub within this housing community to facilitate the residents.

  • Luxury Redefined

Many housing communities in Pakistan offer luxury amenities. Blue World City provides the same amenities as other housing communities but is not close enough.

Blue World City Overseas Block
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Overseas Block Features and Amenities

Simply amazing and create an ever-lasting impression on anyone
who visits it. Some of its features include:
High-Tech Digital Security System
Blue World City overseas Block has the most up-to-date security systems, so you can feel at ease knowing your belongings and yourself are safe every time you leave the house.
24/7 Provision of Basic Utilities
The Blue Society will provide essential utilities without restrictions, another benefit.
Schools, hospitals, and mosques
One thing is certain when you choose to live in BWC: you won’t need to worry about the essentials of life. There will be many modern hospitals and educational institutions in Blue World City, making it easy to attain education, health, and spiritual elevation.
Gated Community
Due to its proximity to greenery and forests, Blue World City is fully fenced. Management has taken every precaution to protect residents…
Blue World City, Pakistan’s first E-Tag System for Residents, will be introducing it to Pakistan. This fulfills the promise of BWC to offer the most recent developments to investors.
Overseas Lagoon Club
Management has decided to build Lagoon Club in Overseas Block to raise living standards. However, overseas Block investors will only be able to join this club.
Commercial Hub
The most compelling reason to invest in Overseas Block is access to the business center. In addition, the developers plan to create a commercial hub to make it easier for residents of the housing development.
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