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Lahore Smart City

Lahore Smart City

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Lahore Smart City Investing in an already developed residential or real estate society wouldn’t give you the benefit as the emerging society will do. The same is the case here. If you are looking for a real estate investing region to gain an immense amount of profit in return, then you have come up at the right place.

Today we are going to discuss a new & emerging housing society that wins you leads and takes of potential buyers even under its development phase. All this becomes possible because of the beauty of society, as well as the features & amenities, and payment plans of the society. We are talking about none other than the Smart City Lahore. Let us find out more about the amazing society and filter out how it is going to be a budget-friendly investing option for real estate investors, as well as for those who are looking to buy houses for living purposes.

included in the list of all major residential developments. Apart from everything else, this will be the first project that will astound everyone in Pakistan. This is the fifth Smart City initiative in Asia and the second in Pakistan. Because of its contemporary development and distinctive features, it has quickly become the most popular residential scheme. The creators intended for this to be an eco-friendly smart city in Lahore.

Lahore Smart City Owners & Developers

To start & successfully accomplish a major project like the Lahore Smart City, you need some highly trained, professional, and expert developers. And with no doubt, the development is in safe hands. The Lahore Smart City is owned by Habib Rafiq (PVT) and Future Development Holdings(FDH). These are the names of two major Pakistani real estate developers. They are also well-known throughout the country as a result of their large project.

Over the last five decades, the Habib Rafiq Group has been the direct outcome of pure devotion and commitment to meeting the needs of customers both in Pakistan and overseas. HRL has worked on some of Pakistan’s most famous construction and engineering projects, and its quality management system has already earned its ISO 9000 accreditation. Habib Rafiq’s name is connected with excellence and expertise, and are highly specialized in Power & Energy, Chemical & Petrochemicals, Roads, Housing & Infrastructure, Buildings, Water, Resources Engineering, Airports & Aviation, Environmental Oild & Gas, etc. 

Future Development Holding is a partnership registered under the Companies Ordinance of 1984. National and multinational corporations have joined forces to build the world’s next dominant organization. They are committed to offering cutting-edge modern living environments in residential zones as well as futuristic facilities in its giant industrial zone.


Lahore Smart City NOC

A Non-Objection Certificate (NOC) of Lahore Smart City has been accepted by the Lahore Development Authority (LDA). Yet, the LDA must publish the official approval status via its website. The housing societies that have been approved are more likely to be developed and achieved.


Other Projects

Surbana Jurong (SJ) is the master planner of Lahore Smart City. It is one of Asia’s major real estate consulting companies for building infrastructure. The Singapore government owns the corporation & it was mainly founded in 2015. Other consultants assisting in its development procedures include Cracknell, Surbana Jurong Company, Harradine Golf, Troon Golf, DSA Architects International Company, Arquivio Architects, Smart Future, and Design Men Consulting Engineers.

Lahore Smart City Location

If the society is located at a prominent location, the value of it automatedly increases to a great extent. The Lahore Smart City is located at a pretty prime location that is accessible from more than 5 areas. The society is mainly located at the Kala Shah Kaku Railway Station, while The N-5 National Highway and the Lahore Bypass are nearby to it. The project’s prime location is conveniently accessible by GT Road, M2 Lahore Islamabad Motorway, and Lahore-Sialkot Motorway.

located just outside of the major city of Lahore. Because of the city’s hustle and bustle, the developers took the initiative to build the housing society away from downtown Lahore. However, every major business sector of Lahore is within a few minutes drive of the housing community. The new UET Lahore campus is located on the western side of the housing estate and is a 5-minute drive from Lahore Smart City. DHA Lahore, one of the greatest housing societies, and Allama Iqbal Lahore Airport are merely an 18-minute drive apart. The Capital Smart City Lahore housing society’s main headquarters are also nearby. For an easy understanding, a brief list of accessibility of the society is mentioned below.

    • Located at Lahore Bypass
    • Almost 4 min drive away from GT Road
    • Almost 5 min drive away from M-2 Motorway
    • Almost 10 min drive away from M-11 Motorway
    • Almost 11 min drive away from Lahore-Sargodha Road
    • Almost 22 min drive away from Lahore Ring Road L-20
    • Almost 8 min drive away from Hardosohal Muslim Road
    • Almost 5 min drive away from Kala Khatie Narang Mandi Road, Balkhay Sheikhupura

Lahore Smart City Payment Plans


General Terms & Conditions

  • Above Payment Plan & Price are subject to change without any required notice. 
  • Installments are required to be deposited by the 1st of each installment month. 
  • The above prices are exclusive of Development costs.
  • The prices are exclusive of any Taxes & Government dues. 
  • Installment shall be paid before the 10th of each month. 
  • In case of failure in the confirmation amount within two months of booking automatically amount will be refunded in 6 months.

via the following methods:

Located on Lahore Bypass
Just a 4-minute drive from GT Road
Nearly 9 minutes drive from the M-11 Motorway
About a 9-minute drive from the M-2 Motorway
Approximately 19 minutes drive to Lahore Ring Road L-20
About an 11-minute drive From Kala Katie Narang Road
About 30 minutes drive from Allama Iqbal International Airport

Nearby Landmarks & Places:

Lahore Bypass
UET Lahore
Kala Shah Kaku
Kot Abdul Malik
Shahdara Town
M-11 Motorway

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The Lahore Smart City Master Plan

It is expected that will be an iconic transformation in Pakistan’s real estate sector and will not just improve the city’s attractions but also elevate the inhabitants living standards to new standards. The Lahore Smart City Master Plan is designed to effectively and efficiently fulfill modern-day living requirements. The master plan divides the city into various districts and blocks according to the different themes. According to the master plan, Lahore’s Smart City Lahore will have two international and executive blocks and numerous communities.

1. Executive Block

2. Sports District

3. Education District

4. Theme Park

5. Silicon Valley

6. Mosques

7. Healthcare District


Smart City Block Executive Block

The high-end development program provides the most secure and safe living environment that your beloved ones can enjoy, in addition to 24-hour security and administrative services. The executive block contains the essential services that are available to everyone, including health, education, and mosques; other facilities include:

1. Residential Plots

2. Residential Villas

3. Healthcare

4. Hospitality Services

5. Education Facilities

6. Grand Mosque

7. Retail

Sports District

The City Sports District is designed to offer sporting facilities for the inhabitants of Smart City Lahore, Pakistan. Its inhabitants have many facilities, including standard international football and cricket stadiums.

1. Residential Apartments

2. Cricket Stadium

3. Football Stadium

4. Gigantic Race Track

5. Retail Services

Education District

The Lahore Smart City Education District, as the name implies, was explicitly designed to cater to the diverse requirements of the residents in terms of education. The district mainly houses schools, training facilities, and research facilities that keep people’s skills current.

1. Schools

2. Colleges

3. Medical Colleges

4. Universities

5. Daycare Centers For Working Parents

Theme Park

Adding theme parks within Lahore Smart City makes it Pakistan’s most desired location. The theme park’s facilities include a bird sanctuary with food and beverage services, a holiday resort point, and retail services.

1. Bird Park

2. Street Food Truck Park

3. Food & Beverages

4. Holiday Resort

5. Retail

Silicon Valley

Lahore Smart City has been pleased to announce Silicon Valley, which will quickly become a major center for technological advancement in the fields of information technology and advanced technology. Silicon Valley facilities include specialized operational spaces, corporate offices, IT campuses, and warehouses.

1. Residential Apartments

2. Corporate Offices

3. Technological Operational Offices

4. IT Campus

5. Warehouse

6. Retail

Smart City Lahore Mosques

Mosques will always be the focal point of attention in areas with a Muslim majority. In this regard, Smart City Lahore begins with magnificent mosques and sector mosques that satisfy the religious requirements of the inhabitants

1. Sector Mosques
2. The Great Grand Jamia Mosque

Healthcare District

Modern life could not be complete without healthcare facilities. Thus, Smart City Lahore provides residents with the latest hospitals and laboratories, as modernized clinics, to ensure that the community is healthy.

1. Laboratories

2. Hospitals

3. Clinics


The Following Plot Sizes Available:

Regarding the size of the plots offers many options for commercial and residential investors. But residential investors can choose from a range of options that range from 5 marlas up to 1 Kanal.

Residential Plots

allows investors to select their desired plot size with a broader selection of homeowners. Investors can choose their preferred plot size, including:

* 5 Marla

* 7 Marla

* 10 Marla

* 12 Marla

* 1 Kanal 

Commercial Plots

The Lahore Smart City commercial properties are accessible to meet commercial investment investors’ needs. Retail investors can reserve plots of the sizes below:

* 4 Marla

* 8 Marla

Announced The Possessions For Residential And Commercial Plots:

makes every effort to ensure prompt delivery. It would be impossible without the help of our loyal customers and our sales partners. We will now make public Possession announcements for sectors A and B, as promised two years ago.

Features & Amenities

Amenities are any enhancements to a house that are seen to be useful to tenants or buyers. They can be public facilities like adjacent highways, retail areas, or public transportation. The provides multiple features & amenities for both the residents and the real estate investors. Some of those are listed below.
Beautiful Location

set on a magnificent hill surrounded by greenery. While remaining close to the main city, you may enjoy spectacular sunsets and a calm environment.

High-Tech Security Mechanism

To address the security demands of its visitors and residents, has a high-tech mechanism of reliable surveillance cameras placed throughout the society.

Underground Electricity

Because load shedding or power shortages are a big concern to companies across the country has an underground energy infrastructure that is backed up by generators to keep the power on.

Educational Institutes

aims to give residents high-quality academic institutions inside its boundaries. For this goal, the management, including the proprietors, is contacting a variety of local and large-scale educational institutions.

Smart City Lahore Possession Policy

1. The Possession process in Sector A will commence in March 2022.

2. The Possession process in Sector B will commence in May 2022.

Members who pay the entire amount for their plot’s reservation. They can be granted possession of the plots of their selection and begin construction within 90 days of signing their readiness agreement.

The remaining plots of land are by the first-come, first-served principle, but priority goes to members who make a 40% or half down.

6 Marla Commercial Plots

In the end has returned with commercial plots to buyers from over the frontier. The Lahore Smart City Commercial Plots are now available in new sizes. The phenomenal popularity of the residential plots has encouraged developers to incorporate commercial plots of various dimensions.


This is why has finally announced 2.66 and 6.66 Marla commercial plots available to investors in response to investors’ demand. Lahore Smart City has announced that the Lahore Smart City commercial land is now open for reservations by investors.


Plot Size:


commercial 2.66 and 6 Marla plots are available in the following price ranges that will meet the various requirements of commercial property owners.

* 2.66 Marla

* 6 Marla

These Lahore Smart City commercial 6 Marla plots have been specifically selected to satisfy the requirements of business-minded investors.


Payment Plan:

What specifically developed this Lahore Smart City commercial payment plan to satisfy the various requirements of retail investment investors? Additionally, rates for the Lahore Smart City commercial rates are genuinely exceptional, which include:


Installment Options:

Smart City Lahore encourages investors to invest by offering a flexible three-year investment program with a 12-quarter installment plan.


Prime Location Charges:


It is possible to reserve the plot in an ideal area (such as facing an open space, main road, or plot corner) with an additional 10 percent. Additionally, adding 15 percent to the property’s total value may secure a spot on the main boulevard.



Suppose you pay the total amount for commercial land located in Smart City. In that case, investors will be eligible for 10% of the amount, and 50% of payments will be eligible for the benefit of 5%.

Member Ship Cost (on the day of the booking)

With a non-refundable 20,000 PKR fee for membership, investors can secure their dream commercial property.

Terms & Conditions

* What can change prices and payment plans at any time?

* Development fees aren’t included in the price.

* The price doesn’t include government taxes or other fees.

* A payment order or DD in the name of “Lahore Smart City Private Pvt. Limited” is acceptable.

Lahore Smart City Payment Plan 2022-2023:

aware of the needs and present economic conditions of buyers from Pakistan and other nations. In addition, they have flexible installment and cash plans that can meet the varied demands of buyers worldwide. This Lahore Smart City Payment Plan 2022-2023 goes as the following:

Why Lahore Smart City?

Lahore, the second largest city in Pakistan, is embarking on an ambitious plan to transform itself into a “smart city.” initiative is an initiative that aims to make Lahore more liveable and sustainable as well as a prosperous city. There is a myriad of reasons Lahore is embarking on the smart city plan. Lahore is an expanding city with a considerable population.

The city’s rapid growth has put stress on the city’s infrastructure, which means the city must be struggling with issues such as the congestion of traffic, pollution from the air, and the absence of basic amenities. Lahore Smart City plan gives the chance to tackle these issues and establish Lahore as an example for other cities across Pakistan and the globe. The most distinctive characteristics that differentiate them from their own Lahore real estate sector:


1. 24/7 Ceterilzed Security & Maintenance System

2. A Reliable Power Backup System

3. Smart Traffic Management

4. Smart Street Lights

5. Smart Parking

6. Free Wifi Facilities

7. Community Centers

8. Health & Fitness Centers

9. Gym Facilities

10. Open Air Cinema Facilities

11. Spacious Parking

12. Theme Parks

13. Parking for visitors and the disabled

14. Parks & Children’s Play Area

15. Shopping Mall

16. Central Mosque

17. Indoor Games

18. Firefighting System

19. Underground Utilities

20. The Rainwater Drainage System

21. Dancing Fountains and Music

22. Green Belts

23. Ensuring Healthcare

24. Transport Facilities

25. Smart Homes and Villas

Bottom Line

Lahore Smart City has become the top destination for those who want to live a modern lifestyle with royal amenities at a reasonable cost.

Our Emporium Properties and Builders team believes that if seeking to relocate from Lahore, Smart City Lahore is the most suitable option now!

For further information and inquiries for more information or questions, visit our site or call one of our Customer Service representatives, who will be happy to assist you in the most efficient way you can!

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