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Lahore Smart City Development Updated And Payment Plan


Smart City Lahore is positioned along the Lahore Bypass Road near Kala Shah Kaku. Future Development Holdings (FDH) is the operation institute developing Lahore Smart City and Capital Smart City Islamabad. The Lahore Smart City is set to be the 2nd smart city in Pakistan and will be created on international norms cooked for the infrastructural development of global intelligent metropolises.

A smart megacity is grounded on the conception of eco-friendly and sustainable civic development connected digitally. Like Capital Smart City, Lahore Smart City is set to include all communal amenities while producing a sustainable civic life for the general population.

In an intelligent megacity, all the communal structure is grounded on data. The data is collected via residents, external systems, transportation processes, etc. It is also set to point out all the amenities that will be provisioned in Capital Smart City Islamabad.

The plan of Lahore Smart City is across an area of approximately 20,000 Kanal. Lahore is the parochial capital of Punjab and one of the most populated megalopoleis in the world. The urbanization pressure has been added to the megacity’s civic means in the once many times. It is planning to take its part in distributing civic pressure from the megacity centre to the cities.

This project is a collaboration of Future Development Holdings and Habib Rafiq (Pvt) Limited. These are two prominent real estate inventors in Pakistan, experts in their separate fields. They’re also well-known around the country for their large systems.

Future Development Holdings is the leading player in Pakistan’s development and real estate sector. They contribute to the construction of ultramodern smart urban hubs that give their clientele not only luxurious life but also unprecedented benefits. Several public and transnational realities banded to make this association which is a top real estate leader with an expert- position and specialized leadership capacities.

Habib Rafiq Pvt. Limited is one of the most well-known firms in Pakistan, with projects like Bahria Town, DHA, and the Motorway under their name to lend credibility to their craft. They are renowned for their award-winning engineering and construction achievements throughout their 50-year history. Their success is the consequence of their unvarying commitment and fidelity to the customer’s requirements and their job.

Capital Smart City Lahore

Capital Smart City Lahore is a registered society with the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) blessing. The No Objection Certificate (NOC) allows the community to give all the amenities to its customers fairly. A government-designated structure and development nonsupervisory authority issue it. As a result of the NOC update, the design will have access to all essential services like water, gas, and electricity.

The position plays a primary part when making real estate investments. Therefore, a real estate investor needs to know the pros and cons of a property’s status before acquisition. Like Capital Smart City Islamabad, the proposed position of Capital Smart City Lahore is each set to be connected via major road networks to and from Lahore.

As per the sources, it will be constructed along the Lahore Bypass road with easy access from N5 GT Road and Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M2). The proposed position of Lahore is one of the most feasible in the region because of its ease of access from the main Lahore megacity areas.

Real estate stagers have supported the debut of this project. According to some real estate agents, this design has the potential to be as successful as Bahria Town. In addition, the agents reiterate that this location enjoys excellent access from 2 major road networks connecting Lahore with the rest of Pakistan, making it a decisive investment hotspot for investors looking for positive long-term yields on their investments.

Capital Smart City Lahore consists of two main blocks. These are the executive and overseas blocks, with different plot areas divided according to need. These include residential plots from 5 marlas up to 20 marlas, with a list of additional facilities that make it the right choice of property for you.

For better living for the residents, there will be many resources such as:

  1. High-tech security system, with reliable surveillance cameras throughout the area for the protection of the people of the society
  2. An underground electrical supply with backed-up power generators to protect from power outages and load shedding that is the plague of many other places all over Pakistan
  3. 1. A 200 feet main boulevard for better accessibility makes it one of the most prominent and memorable structures of any housing society, and wide roads prevent traffic issues or blockage, adding to the appeal.
  4. Contact multiple small and large-scale educational institutions to provide top-grade education to the residents and ensure better learning standards than they could find anywhere else.

At the time of launch, the operation of the society was substantially fastening on the domestic plot orders. Still, many months back, they also blazoned to launch commercial plots. The marketable block in Lahore Smart City is the most awaited land in request, and eventually, the concerned authorities have launched commercial plots.

The operation has launched 4 Marla & 8 Marla plot orders in the Commercial Block of Lahore Smart City on affordable pricing compared with bordering societies. All classes of implicit buyers are interested in marketable investment in this society. According to property perceptivity, Interested parties will vent out this commercial block to the interested parties soon. The project’s construction is already underway, and possessions have been given out 1-2 years earlier than expected.

Lahore Smart City Payment Plan

For better accessibility of the clients, Lahore Smart City Payment Plan gives ease to ensure the best for your economic and financial security. Only a down payment of 10% is required for booking and 10% for confirmation with a further three-year instalment plan.

Lahore Smart City Payment Plan offers 5 marlas, 7 marlas, 10 marlas, 12 marla, and 20 marla plots in prime locations facing parks, corners and main roads. There are 12 quarterly instalments and possession given after 60% payment. We will provide a 5% discount on a 50% down payment, and a 10% discount will be shown on a lump sum payment.

Commercial plots in both Overseas Block & Executive Block are also available for bookings for national and overseas Pakistanis independently. As per the Lahore Smart City Payment Plan, the booking prices of 4 Marla plots in Overseas Block, 4 Marla plots in Administrative Block, 8 Marla plots in Administrative Block, and 8 Marla plots in Overseas block are affordable and easily manageable for any interested investors. Only 14 instalments will have to be paid over three years.

Our priority is the customer, and we ensure all our efforts are dedicated to providing for their every need. In this regard, this society’s planning, development and execution have been done to the most outstanding standards. All the features added have been for your benefit.

Thus, this society has all the workings of a luxury living space to fulfil all your needs. It will provide entertainment and exposure and connect you to the surrounding areas. Additionally, it will give you a safe, serene and peaceful living environment and facilitate you in any way you require. Therefore, the best decision is to jump at the opportunity before it’s too late.

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