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Benefits of Investing In New Metro City Gujar Khan


The investment will rapidly allow Gujar Khan to develop as a major metropolitan center. BSM Developer has named a new project” New Metro City Gujar Khan.”

The development offers all the latest amenities and facilities, but they are also very affordable. A large portion of the land can also be used to develop green spaces and parks.

New Metro City Gujar Khan Owners


The founder and CEO, Bilal Bashir Malik of New Metro City Gujar Khan, is well-known in the corporate sector. BSM Developers is behind the scheme, which has a long history in real estate. With the assistance of expert staff, the builder plans to create a global infrastructure in New Metro City. The firm is also well-known for creating world-class residences within Pakistan’s major cities.

New Metro City Gujar Khan NOC:


RDA has approved the NOC for New Metro City Gujjar Khan. You may also feel safe when you purchase this fantastic home complex.

New Metro City Gujar Khan Location:

The location of any commercial area is crucial, especially in the first place. This building was built in the city’s most desirable and best-located area It is located on the GT Highway, which runs parallel to Islamabad There are secondary accesses to New Metro City Gujar Khan via other routes.

New Metro City Gujar Khan’s location is convenient to all major roads. This Community offers a great place to live and invest. The region’s interconnectedness and availability make accessing all the necessary assistance and commercial properties easy.

This is a great investment opportunity for anyone who wants a peaceful lifestyle near Islamabad. The housing scheme stands out because of its low cost and convenient location.

Prime Location for Commercial Area:

New Metro City Gujar Khan unveiled a new area for commercial development that has attracted interest in the real estate industry of the twin metropolis. Many investors are keen to grab this rare opportunity as it is NMC Gujar Khan’s first commercial release.


The business agreement does not provide information on exact price levels or storylines. We will, however, share the approximate prices with real estate agents. Although not officially announced, additional plot sizes will likely be included in the new commercial plot sizes 2.66 Marla and 5. Marla.

Pre-booking for New Metro City Commercial Plots. Available at random and with flexible payment. The management will reveal the final prices, which include a 2.5-year installment plan. Some dealers now reserve at a loss and claim they will make the commercial booking regardless of whether profits rise when business forms are received.

High Potential for Profit

profit plan

What would attract property investors to New Metro City Gujar Khan’s prime location? The prices are very affordable and will triple in the coming years. This concept includes all the essential elements that make a home beautiful. New Metro City is a great place to live, with many outstanding schools and hospitals.

Why invest in this Community?

Trustworthy Developers

BSM is a strong name in real estate This Firm’s CEO Shaharyar Abid, is a well-known business tycoon. They have a history of success They have the experience and knowledge to make this new initiative a success.

The developers of New Metro City Gujar Khan have your best interests at heart so you don’t need to worry about work quality or certainty.

Principal Locations

The new house is on GT Road, which connects Islamabad to Rawalpindi. It will therefore be accessible to residents of both areas. Because of its ideal location and easy access, New Metro City Gujar Kan will be a magnet for many interested parties.

Lowest rates:


SM’s goal in this project was to keep the cost as low as possible. This housing scheme is open to everyone. While prices rise, now is the best time to invest in Gujar Khan’s New Metro City.


Developers are making every effort to make this project a success. They provide all the necessary conveniences for modern metropolises. You will find a trade center, educational facilities, theme parks, and healthcare facilities. It’s easy to see why this housing project is a great investment opportunity.

Rapid Development

This scheme is in its development phase, which is moving at a rapid pace. It will also have an impact on the price in the future. Due to some key developments, property prices in this project are expected to rise quickly. This is why now is a great time to invest in the Community and reap immediate rewards.


This residential development is a great place to start in helping Gujar Khan. On the other hand, the New Metro City Gujar Khan is an excellent investment because of the above criteria and the development’s openness.

The society’s location is one of its greatest assets. It makes it easy for people to reach Gujar Khan quickly. This gated Community, on the other hand, provides many amenities and characteristics, including water supply, gas, power, and other necessities for all residents.

This scheme is an excellent choice for commercial or residential use.

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