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Citi Housing Kharian

Citi Housing Kharian

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Citi Housing Kharian is believed to be a TMA-approved housing company established in partnership with Citi Housing Private Limited and is situated at Kharian’s main G.T. Road Kharian. The development is considered the most prestigious living society within Kharian and is part of the residential plans developed in major cities in Pakistan. The developers have promised to build the scheme by international standards and provide a high-quality living.

Citi Housing is the leader in offering luxurious living with top-of-the-line amenities that meet high standards. Citi Housing Societies are leading the infrastructure development initiatives in Pakistan because of their numerous luxury amenities. Innovations, advanced design parameters, customer-focused plans, excellent location and a skilled team make it the top residential society within Kharian. The previous designation used for “Golf Residencies

Citi Housing Kharian Developers & Owners

Citi Housing Kharian was created in collaboration with Citi Housing Private Limited according to international standards. Amer Malikkis, the Chairman of Citi Housing (Pvt) Limited, Zoraiz Malik, is the CEO of Citi Housing, and Rana Zahid Ali is the Executive Marketing Director. The developer is known throughout Pakistan for developing high-quality residential projects in the major cities of Pakistan, with an 85% satisfaction rate.

Citi Housing Pvt. Ltd. is an organization that focuses on performance based on customer-centric guidelines. It is known for its ability to deliver projects on the deadline given without problems. The team of professionals is highly trained and has many years of experience.

Citi Housing is committed to providing world-class residential developments and bringing the nation together. It encourages competitors to create growing competition that benefits the people of Pakistan. The ideals of excellence are promoted in all its projects, especially within. This housing development has become an icon of innovation, diversity, extraordinary excellence and affordability. This and many other aspects allow it to be a leader in the real estate market at the forefront with a good style.

Citi Housing Kharian NOC

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) of Citi Housing Kharian is allegedly accepted by The Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) Kharian. Since the project is still in the launch’s initial stage, all other concerned departments will soon release NOCs to society. The legal and approved housing projects are more likely to be approved and delivered to customers.

Citi Housing Kharian Location

The area is Citi Housing Kharian District Gujrat, Sarai Alamgir, located in the centre of G.T. Road Kharian. The location is prime and a factor in its position as the top residential society in Kharian.

Citi Housing Kharian Map

This Citi Housing Kharian map is accessible from multiple places within the vicinity of Kharian.

Citi Housing Kharian Accessibilities:

is quite an easily accessible project.

Available in the following ways:

  • Located at G.T. Road Kharian
  • Approximately 15 minutes drive from Kharian Cantt
  • Nearly 14 minutes drive from Jhelum Cantt
  • A little over 13 mins drive from Jhelum City
  • About 11 mins drive from Sarai Alamgir.
  • A little over 19 minutes drive from the River View Golf Course

Citi Housing Kharian Nearby landmarks and Places

Citi Housing Kharian is close to landmarks and locations:

  • Kharian City
  • Kharian Cantt
  • Jhelum City
  • Jhelum Cantt
  • Sarai Alamgir
  • Model Town
  • River Golf Course
  • Abdullah Colony
  • Military College Jhelum
  • THQ Hospital Sarai Alamgir
  • New Metro City Sarai Alamgir
  • Army Public School & College
  • Sarai Alamgir Railway Station
  • Kharian Golf Club, Kharian Cantt

Citi Housing Kharian Master Plan

What designed the master plan of Kharian, planned and developed by experts to provide the finest amenities for living. The goal was to create homes providing luxury but affordable investment opportunities in Kharian. This is why the developers had previously had numerous other projects of a similar nature.

Citi Housing Kharian Plots for Sale

offering a selection of residential plots in various sizes, including:

  • 3 Marla
  • 5 Marla (25 X 45)
  • 8 Marla (30 X 60)
  • 10 Marla (35 X 65)
  • 1 Kanal (50 X 90)

The anticipated sizes of commercial properties of land in that are provided are as follows:

  • 4 Marla
  • 8 Marla

continues to be a grand housing scheme that has made its mark in Pakistan’s real estate industry. Investors have also been able to trust builders due to their dedication to transparency and high quality. The project is designed and developed by a highly skilled team of experts with many years of town planning expertise. The design is conceived in a future-oriented manner and includes the implementation of intelligent elements throughout the entire community to create a contemporary living space for the residents.

TheNoher development in Pakistan is as attractive as Housing Kharian in every way. The flawless integration of design, architecture housing plots for commercial purposes, magnificent amenities, grandeur, great location, and top-of-the-line infrastructure are just a few of the most appealing features that make it the ideal investment choice in Kharian. These are among the most compelling advantages of investing.

Citi Housing Kharian Payment Plan

The payment plans offered by Citi Housing Kharian are reasonable and easy to follow with instalment schedules. The plots available for sale at are designed to be cost-effective, making the plots affordable to all investors. Individuals with low capital can also invest in the project because of flexible instalment plans.

plot’s prices are outlined in the following manner:

Citi Housing

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Pictorial Representation of Development in Citi Housing Kharian

It is anticipated that the construction work will soon begin within Kharian, the Citizens Kharian Housing Kharian. Then we will inform you of the latest developments through a visual representation.

Citi Housing Kharian Latest News:

The most recent news regarding developments within the Citi Housing housing society is published through the official platforms. For more information, you can contact the Management of the society.

Citi Housing Kharian Possession Charges:

What may seek the charges for possession of plots within Citi Housing from the Management? What will grant the control one year after purchasing your ideal plot in society?

Citi Housing Kharian Application Form:

What acquired the application form to Citi Housing Kharian from the official website or the official Management?

However, in the beginning, you will need to include the following documents and the application form.

  • Photographs of passport size
  • Copies of CNIC or passport
  • Copy of NICOP
  • Copy of the payment receipt
  • Screenshot of the online payment slip

Citi Housing Kharian Membership Form:

Contact the Management for an application form for membership with Citi Housing Kharian.

Citi Housing Kharian Registration Form:

Contact the Management to obtain the application form for Citi Housing Kharian.

Citi Housing Kharian Allotment Certificate:

Who could obtain the certificate for allotment from Citi Housing Kharian from the Management?

Citi Housing Kharian Payment Modes:

To find out the payment methods for the plots, go to Citi Housing Kharian’s official website.

Facilities & Amenities:

Citi Housing Kharian provides modern amenities and facilities at reasonable prices. The amenities are part of any contemporary multi-purpose property that can be described as a complete real estate development.

The services offered by Citi Housing Kharian are as the following:


The project will offer an environment-friendly, close-to-nature lifestyle along with modern amenities. The natural-closed environment will give a unique experience not found elsewhere in Pakistan.

Water Resources:

The plan has taken into consideration residents’ water demands. To meet this need, water reservoirs will be constructed to store the residents’ substantial amount of water to perform routine chores.

Business & Commercial Hub:

The developers have considered the commercial and economic needs of all. To meet this, the project will be an all-in-one commercial zone. With these areas, residents will be able to meet all commercial requirements in the area.

Secure Project:

The feeling of security is essential for any project. Security systems that carefully install CCTV cameras and other security equipment give total protection to residents. Furthermore, the development will be enclosed by a wall that is an impervious system that will provide the highest level of security.

Citi Housing Kharian Salient Features

Here are the critical aspects

  • Affordability
  • Accessibility
  • 24/7 Security
  • Maintenance
  • Water Resources
  • Eco-Community
  • Beautiful Entrance
  • Quality Development
  • Water, Gas, Electricity
  • Sewerage and Waste Disposal System
  • World-Class Infrastructure Development

Why Invest in?

  • There are numerous advantages to investing in Citi Housing Kharian. For investors looking for a successful initiative, Citi Housing is the most lucrative investment opportunityto invest in Kharian. The main benefits of investing in Citi Housing Kharianare mentioned in the following manner:
  • Eco-friendly
  • Affordable
  • Prime location
  • Spacious properties
  • Luxurious amenities
  • The most well-known developers
  • International infrastructure development

Guidelines to Follow While Purchasing/Sale of Plots

These are the guidelines to be following:

Document Verification:

Always verify the documents thoroughly to avoid any confusion or miscommunication. Before you make any acquisition or sales, request the NOC and other approved documents from authorities. So the documents you submit are valid for all methods that could guarantee customer satisfaction.

Financial Security:

When completing any purchase or sale of property, you must ensure that your money is aligned with your purchase plan. This way, your acquisition or transaction will take place without a problem.

Property Visits:

Before any purchase, and following confirmation of the document’s authenticity, go to the website to verify that the papers written conform to the plot’s specifications.

Documentation Requirement for Booking:

Sky Marketing believes in the trust bond and honesty with our clients. We recommend you inquire about the most recent requirements for documentation to book. You can also reserve commercial and residential plots at projects like Blue World CityKingdom Valley Islamabad.

There is the list of documents that are required to purchase an apartment:

  • Two passport-size pictures
  • NICOP for clients from overseas
  • 2 copies of the National Identity Card
  • A duplicate of the I.D. identification card for your next-kin

Benefits of Real Estate Investment:

Real estate investment is among the top-performing businesses in addition to others. This is because it has excellent investment potential and returns. However, the thing to be aware of is that it can only be profitable if done correctly. There are various benefits to investing in the residential real estate market.

Some of the most important advantages are:

Financial Security:

If someone has additional money or an asset and is looking to keep the worth of the support in the long run, then the real estate industry is the best sector to maintain the value of an investment up and not diminish it.

Stable Income:

One can earn a steady income by investing in real estate in a short time. For instance, one could purchase a property, build it, or purchase a newly developed property, then rent it either monthly or annually. And not only that, however, but the rent will also increase each year by a certain percentage, and it’s not wrong to claim that it is more stable than it is.


After an investment has been concluded, It isn’t something you have to take care of every day. All you need to do is inspect your home regularly to ensure it doesn’t end up in the hands of the encroachers.

Passive Income:

After a person has invested in real estate properties and has a passive income, such as rent can be earned. Investors purchase a developed property or build an open space and rent it out, providing an ongoing source of income throughout the year without interruption.

Non-depreciable Asset:

Real property investment is a business that will never lose its value once correctly managed. The value of real estate always rises each year. The value can increase dramatically if a significant project, whether private or government-funded, is initiated in its close vicinity.

Citi Housing Kharian Booking Procedure

Emporium Properties always suggests asking its customers for the latest booking procedures from Management. They should remove any communications. The booking process is as easy as it can be.

All you need to do is adhere to the instructions outlined below

Make sure you fill out your application form paying close attention

Include to the CNIC duplicates of the application

Pay the down payment with a check or pay the purchase to ” Citi Housing Kharian,” however, confirm the management process in the event of any changes.

what can also accept cash payments after confirmation by the Management

Complete all required documents and the amount and receive the receipt.


Housing Kharian is a luxurious residential project with only one objective: to provide an extraordinary lifestyle for the residents. This project’s primary aspects are luxury facilities, affordability and ideal locations.

City Housing Khariyan

Features & Amenities

24/7 security
Carpet Roads
Community Center
Eco-Friendly Environment
Education institute
Grand Mosque
Health Facilities
Secure Gated Community
Sports complex with indoor and outdoor facilities
Underground electrification
Water, Gas, Electricity
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