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Blue World Economic Zone

Blue World Economic Zone

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The Blue World Economic Zone is an excellent opportunity for business and commercial ventures in Pakistan, especially for the CPEC. It is clear by the title of the project, Blue World Economic Zone, that it will be designed considering the business industry. BWEZ is the next major thing to happen in twin cities when designed to meet contemporary businesses’ requirements and needs. The BGC has created the green BWEZ to provide international and local merchants and businesses a serene, high-tech, secure, and safe business environment within one complex that allows the business to grow and profit while operating near the CPEC route.

A five-star hotel close to some of the most sought-after tourist spots will increase the pleasure of doing business. This commercial area is currently being developed efficiently and is essential to Pakistan’s economy. It is the first economic zone within Pakistan specifically constructed to provide entertainment for business people.

Developers and Owners

Only visionary and forward-thinking can think of something unique and revolutionary. This is also true for this fantastic commercial venture, BWEZ to be built under the creative direction of Mr. Saad Nazir. His transformation of that route into a trade route of CPEC is stunning. The late Mr. Saad Nazir has shown determination when turning the barren ground into an endless source of possibilities. This is why investors wait with anticipation for projects under Mr. Saad Nazir’s direction. He has appointed famous architects and developers to construct BWEZ. However, the most significant distinction of this project in comparison to other areas of economic activity is the management provided by Saad Nazir

BWCZ RDA Approved

BWEZ is the most secure commercial investment as Rawalpindi Development Authority [RDA] has issued Blue World Economic Zone NOC. If you require additional information, feel free to contact the experts at Emporium Properties.

Blue World Economic Zone Location

BWEZ is located closest to the CPEC route. It is situated inside Blue World City, adjacent to the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. The strategic location of this economic hub makes Blue World City the top-rated tourist destination in Pakistan, considering the possibility of CPEC

Blue World Economic Zone Payment Plan

The management has yet to decide about the BWEZ Payment Plan. However, they are in the process of finalizing the details, and should they decide; Emporium Properties will notify you first since we are proud to be platinum associates of Blue World City.

Features and Amenities in Economic Zone

The idea behind the development of BWEZ is to offer an unhurried, high-tech, and safe business platform for international and local traders. Businessmen can do business peacefully through the CPEC route while staying inside Blue World City. The administration of Blue World City will spare all expenses in achieving the ideal blend of peace and security. We will look at some of the features below, which make BWEZ one of the top economic zones.

  • Trade Center

BWEZ will be home to the most modern commercial center that will revolutionize business. The center will alter the traditional ways of business and create an economic revolution that will better transform the market for real estate in Pakistan.

  • Convention Center

Convention Center will be the center of the entire economic zone since it will provide endless opportunities for investors.

  • 7-Star Hotel

Developing a seven-star hotel inside the BWEZ will draw investors and traders from around the world who wish to work in Pakistan or Pakistan.

  • Economy & Luxury Apartments in BWEZ

Besides a hotel with 7 stars, BWEZ is also a place to live in luxury and economy apartments. This is the perfect chance to invest in residential or investment.

  • Warehouses

The BWEZ map is also a source of information on the future development of warehouses, which could give business owners and traders.

  • Medical Centers

As of now, there’s nothing the BWEZ will not have shortly. A fully-equipped hospital is also included in the overall plan of the economic zone.

  • Malls and Entertainment

BWEZ won’t be just a location for business; it’ll also serve as a spot to enjoy. This is why it will be home to many famous cinema brands and malls.

Emporium Properties has always attempted to present the best opportunities to provide the most investment return. For instance, Zaitoon City, Smart City, New Lahore City (Phase 4), Blue Town, Al Noor Orchard in Lahore and Park View City, Blue World City, Blue World Trade Center in Islamabad along with Blue World Economic zone are expected also to be the most profitable locations that we promote.

Blue World Economic Zone
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