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Blue World City Islamabad Sports Valley Block

Blue World City Islamabad Sports Valley Block

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Blue World City management is fast transforming the land around Motorway Chakri Road into a magnificent area. Blue World City administration is making huge progress in constructing Pakistan’s first purpose-built tourist city. This unique housing project is designed in line with the most modern standard of living and entertainment. The latest venture, Sports Valley Block, will also be a milestone in developing a fantastic tourist destination in Pakistan. Sports Valley Block will provide the ideal location to play and live with an innovative stadium and beautifully maintained roads. The grounds, sports facilities, gymnasiums, and sports facilities will improve the neighborhood’s overall look. This block is an excellent option if you want to buy a home with the perfect mix of convenience and luxury.

Sports Valley Block Developers & Owners

Blue World City is among the most lavish housing developments that will be constructed only along the M2 Motorway in Islamabad. The housing project, developed in collaboration with Blue Group Companies Blue Group of Companies (BGC) and famous international architects, will be Pakistan’s first tourism city specifically designed for tourists. The architect, Saad Nazir (The brain behind Blue World City) is the main driver behind the success of this fantastic project. The company is one of the world’s top five international real estate development firms. Since its inception, the company has grown to become an all-in-one source for various offerings, including marketing development planning, engineering, building projects, information technology support, and commercial printing. Sports Valley Block Developers have spent much thought and effort creating the perfect home sculpture.


In addition to these administrative functions, it also started to engage in the retail industry. It also has a range of clothing stores as well as retail stores. The Blue Group of Companies employs over 300 committed professionals who work in different capacities, furthering the company’s mission and vision and making it among Pakistan’s most distinguished business entities.

Location of Sports Valley

Sports Valley Block BWC Islamabad is located in the most crowded intersection. Therefore, it is a highly sought-after location in Blue City. Sports Valley Block Location map provides information about the beauty of this housing project. Each block of Blue World City is positioned precisely to improve the aesthetics of the entire area. The developers and the international architects and designers created Sports Valley Location Map

Sports Valley NOC

If you are considering investing in any blocks in Blue World City in Islamabad, invest without hesitation since the society is legal from all angles. “Sports Valley NOC” put this block on an investment list. The Sport Valley block, along with the other blocks in Blue World City, has been cleared the NOC by RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority).

Sports Valley Block Master plan

The overall plan for the housing community was meticulously designed, considering every aspect. The block is designed to accommodate every sports lover in the nation. The administration has approved the relevant authorities to build the biggest Cricket Stadium in Pakistan, with a capacity of 55,000 persons. Sports Valley Master Plan also has numerous entertainment centers and sports arenas to give its inhabitants the best sports experience.

Payment Plan of Sports Valley

Residential properties within Sports Valley Block are available in a variety of sizes. For example, 5, 8, 10, Marla, and 1 Kanal size plots are suitable for use as a living space. In addition to Pakistan’s Largest Cricket Ground, the construction of residential homes is an important element of the Sports Valley Block. Let’s review Sports Valley Payment Plan to understand why this project gained little attention before its construction.


* 5 Marla Residential

The cost for five Marla homes within Sports Valley is 2200,000. This is a bargain when compared to the facilities which will be constructed within the block. You could also become the land owner by committing to a four-year Sports Valley Payment Plan.


* 8 Marla Residential

If you glance at Sports Valley Payment Plan, you’ll find that management designed the most cost-effective price plan to suit your needs. You can buy eight Marla Residential plots in one go at a total cost of 380,000 or buy them over four years with a down amount.


* 10 Marla Residential

10 Marla is available for sale at just 4,125,000. It’s a great price, and you don’t need to consider purchasing your property within The Capital City of our beloved county. However, suppose you need more money. In that case, you can begin purchasing this land parcel by making a payment of just 281,250 as a down payment and begin the 4-year Sports Valley Payment Plan.


* 1 Kanal Residential

Possessing a 1 Kanal parcel in the perfect location of twin cities is no longer an option. Sports Valley Block, located in Blue World City Islamabad, offers 1 Kanal of residential space for only 7,700,000. It is also possible to begin purchasing the land through an installment plan for 4 years with an initial down payment of as little as 525,000.


Sports Valley Facilities

Sports Valley Block in Blue World City Islamabad will be the top-end segment of society thanks in part to Sports Valley facilities. The management has poured every new amenity into making the most desirable real estate mix. Everything within this block, from the world’s Largest Stadium to the most renowned sports-themed restaurants, defines elegance. The entire blocks of Blue World City Islamabad are being designed with a view to the contemporary lifestyles of the world. We suggest you invest in the most up-to-date construction of homes in Blue World City Rawalpindi, called Sports Valley Block. Let’s review some of the key aspects that are part of Sports Valley Block Blue World City Islamabad.

* Sports Stadium

Blue World City management is looking to build a sports arena within the Sports Valley Block. This stadium is the largest in Pakistan. Cricket Stadium is expected to accommodate approximately 55,000 people. BWC is building a modern cricket stadium for the sport-loving citizens from Pakistan. The stadium will not just provide facilities for cricket but also entertainment. The stadium is also utilized for all kinds of events by the management.

* Torch Hotel

We have shared with our readers numerous times that the idea behind the construction of Blue World city was to create a spectacle that the world would enjoy. Blue World City is coming up with a new project to fulfill that promise. BWC will build a luxurious hotel dubbed Torch Hotel, inspired by Torch Hotel Doha. The hotel will be home to the most renowned restaurants in Pakistan and apartments. The Torch Hotel Blue World City will amaze you with its beauty and charm.

* Villaggio Mall

It appears, after looking at the master plan for Blue World City Sports Valley block that it is in harmony with the most impressive constructions in Doha. The extravagant Villaggio Mall is the next major thing to be added to the amenities bucket that is part of the Sports Valley Block. The mall will offer shopping experiences you’ve never experienced elsewhere in Pakistan.

* Blue World Mosque

The creation of a renowned Muslim replica of the famous monument has begun in the block of sports valley. Its Blue World Mosque replica will be the replica of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. People living in Istanbul will never feel the peace and tranquility this mosque can provide without visitors to any other location.

* Commercial Hubs

In addition to providing top-quality infrastructure BWC has also completed the building of Commercial Hubs in the Sports Valley block. Entertainment centers, Joy Lands, and numerous other family activities centers will also be part of this superb construction.

* Open Air Gymnasiums

There will be numerous parks and recreation centers within the area of the sports valley. In these parks will be you will find modern, open-air gyms. You can benefit from these amenities if you move into this fantastic residential zone.

* Hockey Field

If BWC was considering the cricketers from Pakistan, how could the BWC management ignore the National sport? This is why the management has sourced an elite hockey field and is planning to put it up to meet the requirements for hockey athletes. The field’s quality is so good that we can organize international tournaments here.

The other BGC projects will have the same amenities and effect on investors. For example, blue Town Lahore or Smart City block Blue Town Sapphire in Lahore is a stunning real property. According to the latest Blue World City Islamabad reports, the building is progressing rapidly. Do not hesitate to contact the Emporium Properties Offices in Lahore If you require more. 

Sports Valley Features & Amenities

Secure & Safe Community

Security personnel will be armed with CCTV cameras as well as central security command posts will be put in place to ensure strong and reliable security for residents’ security.

Community Clubs

The residents of the Sports Valley Society will have access to clubs for community members where they can plan different activities like dinners, parties, and wedding receptions.

24/7 Power and Water Supply

Sports Valley has planned a system to guarantee residents a 24-hour supply of vital utilities.

Sewerage System

Residents won’t have any issues with drainage due to the excellent infrastructure for sewerage. Residents also have access to pure and clean drinking water from the filtration facilities.

Health Centers

Clinics and hospitals will provide medical services that are high-tech, including emergency services, as well as highly skilled paramedics and doctors.

Park and Recreation Clubs

The developers have added a well-planned zoo and gorgeous green parks that provide visitors with a clean, fresh, and sustainable habitat.

Educational Centers

Primary schools, including colleges and schools, will also be accessible to ensure that students are educated with the illumination of knowledge.

Wide Roads

The roads, highways, and central avenues are constructed to give residents a safe and pleasant commute. In addition, modern surveillance and street lighting systems are installed on the streets and roadways.

Blue World City
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How to Book Plot in BWC Sports Valley

Booking at BWC Sports Valley begins with just a 7.5 percent down payment. It also comes with a straightforward four-year installment plan. To book a place in BWC Sports Valley, the below documents are required:

  • Complete the booking form
  • Two passport-sized pictures of the applicant
  • 2. CNIC copies of the application or B-form if you are under 18.
  • 2. CNIC copies of the applicant’s next of kin, or B-form for applicants under 18.
  • Check for a down payment or payment receipt for an order
Blue World City Sports Valley

Frequently Asked Questions

Sports valley Block may be a public housing designed and developed to supply singular living expertise for residents at affordable costs. A team of engineers, architects, and other employees with years of experience put their full efforts into its development.

The NOC of Sports valley Block is allegedly approved by the District Council Rawalpindi.

There’s little doubt due to the straightforward Sports valley Block installment plans. The management has contended a vital role in leveling luxury and affordability.

As a result, the installment schedules are reasonable for families and small investors. Hence, increasing the prospect of high-yield investment returns

Sports valley Block is found in Blue World town at a premium location.

The Blue World City of Companies developed the sports valley Block.

In step with the Blue World town Latest Updates, this society offers an overseas block specially designed to keep a watch on the requirements of overseas Pakistanis.

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