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Blue World City Islamabad

Blue World City Islamabad

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Emporium Properties is known for providing the most exciting projects to investors. We have an incredible investment opportunity with the name of Blue World City. Explore further to learn more details about this fantastic project.

Blue World City Islamabad is an upscale housing community near the New Islamabad Airport on Chakri Road. This development offers the most lucrative options for investment, such as commercial and residential homes, flats with low income, and magnificent farmhouses that provide flexibility in payment.

Blue World City Chakri Road Rawalpindi is located alongside the Lahore M2 between Lahore and Islamabad, Blue World City Housing Society is expected to be the most beautiful twin city within the next few years, with all the municipal amenities that are of international standards and includes life size replicas of famous monuments around the world, like Burj Al Arab, In addition, the CPEC (Economic Corridor between China and Pakistan) and the brand new International Airport are the driving factors behind the development and growth of Blue World City Islamabad.

If you examine Blue World City Islamabad prices, you’ll see it is the ideal choice for those who want to invest in a decent piece of real property. Additionally, the firm provides various online services, including Blue World City online verification. Visit their website to view your status on your installments and online certificates.

Blue World City Islamabad Owner and Developer

The acclaim in “Blue World City” Islamabad has been so high that there’s hardly anyone remaining in Pakistan who doesn’t know about this remarkable housing development. This is the first built-for-purpose project focusing on the nation’s tourism industry. Blue Group of Companies is the proud owner of this magnificent housing development called Blue World City Rawalpindi. Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company is a well-known Chinese developer and Blue World City owner. The Blue World City housing project is close to The Chakri Junction on the highway and the newly built Rawalpindi Ring Road.

Mr. Saad Nazir, the son of Chaudhry Nazir, was an ex-Deputy Commissioner in Lahore and his father’s Blue World City Islamabad owner. Additionally, BGC is the Blue Group of Companies (BGC) and is among the largest conglomerates in Pakistan. It has the support of over 300 employees working in various roles. 1998 was the first time BGC began operations in Lahore, Pakistan. BGC also began offering structure planning and design solutions to its customers, rapidly gaining a substantial market share.


Blue Group of Companies

Blue Group of Companies is the most prominent real estate development firm. It was established to offer architectural designs and construction services when it was founded. In the ensuing time, the company could establish trust with investors because of the high quality of its services. However, it’s not just property; the company has strong retail and information technology roots. It also owns many clothing brands.

The Blue Group of Companies is comprised of a wide range of companies, which includes the following:

  • Blue Palms
  • Blue Bricks
  • Blue Properties
  • WPZ
  • Blue Media
  • Blue Technologies
  • Artimmix
  • Mart Blue
  • Brands Square

Blue World City Location Map

Suppose you are considering investing in the purchase of a property. In that case, the location is typically the first consideration in the mind of the buyer. The location is the determinant of each need rather than being a factor in determining the sense of security. In addition, before concluding, investors always consider a location’s advantages and disadvantages.

Blue World City’s Blue World City Islamabad location offers unbeatable accessibility to both twin cities and the remainder of Pakistan. Islamabad is perfect compared to other housing societies in Blue World City because of its proximity to the planned Rawalpindi Ring Road is the closest. The four entrances of Blue World City Islamabad make it an ideal location for property owners in Islamabad to be confident and keep in mind. Blue World City’s Islamabad map shows the project’s location, making it the ideal option for any investor interested in investing in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Investors are embracing Blue World City due to the benefits that come with the geographical location of this project. It’s evident by this Blue World City Islamabad location map that it offers an idyllic lifestyle in a city that is free of bustle and noise. Additionally to that, it is also the Blue World City extension is one of the best ways to connect twin cities. In addition, Blue World City (BWC) Islamabad advertises an unhurried, quiet, and thriving living space that no other private business offers its residents within Pakistan. What separates it from other communities with gated entrances in Pakistan?

Accessible Points

  • Accessible via M2 Motorway (Lahore-Islamabad)
  • Entry Point on Main Chakri Road
  • Close to Rawalpindi Ring Road
  • It is accessible from Adiala Road
  • Close to GT Road
  • Easy Accessible easily accessible Islamabad Expressway

Blue World City Islamabad NOC Status

The biggest challenge facing each housing association is getting the necessary NOC. This is one of the most pressing issues numerous stakeholders are worried about. Therefore, we have exciting news to share with our readers. District Council Rawalpindi has granted a legally issued No Objection Certificate NOC to the Blue World City. It is reported that the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) approved Blue World City via Letter No. RDA/MP&TF/F PHS-PTR-10/148. At first, the 427 Kanal regions were granted clearance by the appropriate authorities. Now, you can invest in this amazing project without a doubt.

Blue World City Islamabad NOC was adopted through the District Council on December 13, 2021. This Local Bodies Ordinance 2021, adopted by the Governor of Punjab on December 11, 2021, clearly states that Rawalpindi District Council must give the NOC to the residential communities in all of them. Blue World City Islamabad, in contrast, has obtained the NOCS from the district council through letter number 532 / 10DC, which was issued on 07-08-2018. RDA later verified the legitimacy and legality of the project following the adoption of the Local Bodies Ordinance 2021.


Dazzling Modern Infrastructure

The administration of Blue World City is fulfilling the promises of building the first purpose-built tourist destination in Pakistan by building replicas of the world’s most famous attractions. The reason for developing the tourist city is to develop a plan focused solely on providing international facilities and entertainment options for foreign tourists and travelers. Let’s look at some of the most amazing modern-day attractions being built at Blue World City on Chakri Road Islamabad.

Blue Mosque Replica

Despite its beautiful green areas and stunning features, Islamabad lacks intriguing and ambitious tourist spots. Since the beginning, residents have demanded large-scale tourist attractions like Amusement parks, sports fields, and cultural centers. But the situation is changing in Islamabad, which created a new initiative called the Blue World City Rawalpindi to fill the void in the tourism industry. A wide range of fantastic tourist attractions themed in this emerging tourist spot in Islamabad is creating the base for transforming the city’s tourism industry.


After launching many world-renowned tourist places, the management has laid the foundation of one of the more famous mosques across the Muslim world, The Replica of Blue Mosque in Istanbul. The replica will be as gorgeous as the original and evoke the same religious feelings. Its “Blue Mosque” will be the most beautiful sacred landmark in Blue World City.

According to the management, the Blue Mosque Replica will be constructed in the middle of the Blue World Housing Scheme. It will be built just in front of the General Block. The position in front of this Blue World Mosque implies that it is easily accessible from any

Some Amazing Features of Blue Mosque Islamabad

Blue Mosque Blue World City is constructed on the same 104 Kanal ground. It has an area covered identical to the earlier mosque and an atmosphere that evokes the same feeling of wonder and a beautiful spirituality that Istanbul Blue Mosque is known for. Blue Mosque in Blue World City was created and built by a team of experienced engineers, architects, and craftsmen, who replicate the original details with the same passion. Let’s look at some of the most amazing highlights below:

  • Surface Area

A replica version of the Blue Mosque will have a surface of 43494 square meters. It exemplifies the beauty and excellence of Muslim engineering and architecture. The building will be similar in appearance and style to the old mosque in Istanbul. Blue World City Blue Mosque’s level below Blue World City Blue Mosque occupies 7946 square meters of the total area. The basement is given 5018.52 square meters to manage large gatherings as well as host a variety of religious occasions.

  • Beautiful And Spacious Interior

To construct the Blue Mosque replica in Blue World City Islamabad, the administration has hired the help of world-renowned architects. The interior part of The Blue Mosque will be stunning as the administration has commanded that the mosque’s interior receive special attention. In addition to the attractive architectural design, the mosque’s interiors are planned to accommodate 15000 people, which is more than 5000 people than initially.

  • Parks and Wide Courtyards

This replica of the famous Blue World Blue Mosque will comprise five major domes, eight minor domes, and six minarets. In addition, a vast 35548-square-meter park will be built in front of the mosque’s main entrance in Blue World City, according to the Blue Mosque blueprint.

Its Burj Al Arab Dubai will be recreated in this spectacular real estate development. It’s not as high, but it will be similar. Blue World City Burj Al Arab will feature a range of world-class facilities like entertainment centers and offices. The Burl Al Arab replica will rise 300 feet tall within the commercial hub of the society. This unique monument features executive penthouses, sky-view towers, an atrium measuring 119 feet, and corporate offices. Corporate offices of the BGC/IGC partnership will be located within this well-known building.

On the 19th of July in 2020, the management of Blue World City held the Burj Al Arab-style replica ceremony to mark the groundbreaking. The top management of the consortium, along with Blue World City’s Platinum members, real estate enthusiasts of the two cities, and media, were present at the ceremony. The platinum partners addressed the crowd, and the chief executive officer of BGC, Saad Nazir, the CEO of BGC, gave an elaborate presentation in person. In the case of this Burj Al Arab, the location will be within the commercial area of the society located next to Overseas Block Blue World City. The location was specifically chosen to serve this purpose to offer opportunities for residents to be in every nook and cranny of the neighborhood.

Burj Al Arab Facilities

The immediate opening of the Burj al Arab Rawalpindi replica was a further success for the administration at Blue World City and a commitment that what kept. The project attracts investors of all sizes due to its location, speedy delivery, and high-end quality. This is the perfect moment to put your money to work! Let’s take a look at some of the main factors in greater specific detail:

  • Classy Restaurants

The possibility of it containing the Burj Al Arab restaurant is one of the most remarkable aspects of this great commercial venture. It will serve delicious meals and offer stunning views as it is an open space. Families from all over Pakistan will be visiting the hotel.

  • Modern Amenities

The Burj will be an architectural marvel from the beginning to the end. It is Burj Al Arab facilities have investors soaring with praise. Everything is of the finest quality, from the elevators to the inside of the tower and city. Once the tower is finished, the inside part that is Burj Al Arab, will be a model of excellence. Burj Al Arab would be akin to any other business center.

  • Aircraft Platform

The Blue Group of Companies’ corporate headquarters is expected to be located in Burj. This means that the building will be equipped with an area for helicopters to allow guests of high importance to arrive quickly.

Blue World City Water Theme Park, Islamabad

Blue World City, Federal Capital Region’s commercial and residential complex, is well-known. The project is also being done in partnership with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company of the Blue Group of Companies. The Blue World Water Park is one of many fabulous features the housing society provides The housing complex is rapidly gaining popularity due to its unique design and low prices. Another great facility is the Blue World City waterpark, which BWC built in partnership with Guangzhou Haisan Amusement Technology & Co Ltd. The management decided to build this amusement park because there were few water parks around Islamabad. There will be a lot of family fun

The theme park is built on 70,000 square meters of hilly slopes and natural bends. This adds to the area’s excitement and adventure. Blue World Water Theme Park has a children’s playground and all the well-known fast-food brands like McDonald’s, KFC, Subway, Pizza Hut, Pizza Hut, and many more for an exciting family day out.

Blue World Water Theme Park Key Features

  • Amazing Project on 70,000 Sq. Meters.
  • The steep natural curves are a great attraction.
  • Impressive 21 Modern Slides of the Highest Quality.
  • Children Play Area
  • Restaurants

Blue World City Islamabad is building a world-class Water Theme Park to increase tourism. The park will have all the amenities necessary to offer guests an unforgettable experience. This is a key part of BWC Rawalpindi and is expected to move quickly.

According to Mr. Hamza Amir, Director of BWC Water Theme Park, this initiative would provide work opportunities for Pakistanis and strengthen the country’s economy. Pakistan is now attracting large amounts of international investment, and its financial sector is expanding. So let’s look at some important aspects of this excellent entertainment project.

  • Professional Staff

Blue World City’s management team comprises professionals who have worked in the water park industry. The park manager is the most senior staff member and is responsible for all activities, including maintenance and ride construction. The blue world team also has the support of ticket takers at the front gate, concession stands staff, and park cafe staff. They also have many entertainers.

  • Help in an Emergent Situation

Blue World City Islamabad emergency services have been designed to assist in an emergency. A specialized medical team of doctors and nurses will be available to help with any problem. Slipping or falling can cause fractures, quadriplegia, or paraplegia. All of these conditions are treatable. The management will provide prompt and appropriate medical treatment in a life-threatening emergency.

  • Safety

People will have fun at the water parks. But families want to make sure their children are safe. So the water theme park’s administration ensures safety for the rides, food booths, and other attractions. In the event of an emergency, a digital warning network alerts staff.

  • The Perfect Vacation Place

Families looking for a break from their daily routines will love Blue World Water Park. You will be brightened by the sparkling blue water and twisting slides. You can also ride as many water rides as you want! It will make a great weekend escape from the scorching summer heat.

The Blue World City Water Theme Park is an excellent addition to the growing residential population of Islamabad. The park will provide a relaxing and enjoyable escape for Islamabad residents. It will promote friendship and provide an excellent spot for picnicking away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The Blue World City water park’s attractive features encourage tourists.

World's Tallest Horse Mascots, Blue World City Islamabad

The Kelpies, the largest horse sculpture in the world, are located in Falkirk, Scotland. The 30-meter tall horse mascots, which are 30 meters high, were placed along the M9 Motorway in April 2014. They were created as a tribute to Scotland’s horse-powered industrial heritage. What exactly are kelpies, you ask? According to Scottish folklore, a kelpie is a watery ghost that can transform into a human shape. The appearance of a horse makes kelpies appear to haunt rivers and streams. These mascots are a symbol of Scottish culture. Many people visit Scotland to see the fantastic buildings.

The Blue World City Chakri Road Rawalpindi was the first to develop the Burj Al Arab replica and the most critical Horse Mascot replica Structure. It will be a tourist attraction. They expect visitors from all parts of the world to see the stunning sight of the mascots. But who can view the Horse Sculptures at night by being illuminated, so they can be seen from a distance?

The Horse Mascots of Blue World City are 125 feet high. This will make it taller than the 30-meter-tall Kelpies of Scotland, a popular tourist attraction. The Horse Mascots can be seen from the Islamabad Motorway at Night. They will amaze visitors with their magnificent presence and make a great impression.

Second Cup Coffee in Blue World City

Blue World City Horse Mascots will not be just sculptures. These sculptures will be a tourist attraction. The management has opened a Second Cup Coffee outlet under the guidance of one mascot. Management hosted a special event to celebrate their platinum clients and members. They also invited clients from across Pakistan. Mr. Jim Ragas, CEO of Second Cup Coffee Global, inaugurated the outlet.

Blue World City’s growth and planned development are causing quite a stir in the community. Management wants to create a community that attracts international investors and tourists. The management has achieved this goal. This was possible only because of Mr. Saad Nazar and the entire Blue Group of Companies’ vision. Soon after opening, many customers came in to enjoy a coffee at “2nd Cup Coffee” a news outlet run by horse mascots. This strongly indicates that BWC’s residential development will succeed in the future.

Horse Mascots: Top-Notch Features

  • Lighting at Night

The creation of one mascot is complete, and it is beautiful. These buildings are lit with powerful lighting to allow people to see them clearly from far away. The view of the horse mascots at night will give you chills.

  • Art Gallery

On the lower level, you will find an art museum. There are many well-known craftsmen and artists that you can enjoy with your family.

  • Restaurants & Food Courts

Many restaurants are lined up to secure spots at this exclusive location, similar to Second Cup Coffee. As a result, blue World City will offer investors the chance to reap handsome returns.

  • Shopping Centers

Each one of these majestic Horse Mascots offers something. Blue World City in Islamabad is a great place for families to visit. The management also plans to open new state-of-the-art shopping centers.

Pakistan's Biggest Cricket Stadium

Pakistan is the nation that loves cricket the most. So Blue World City top management seizes the chance to offer Pakistan the giant Cricket Stadium. Because the stadium’s management plans to build a stadium that can hold 55,000+ spectators, it will be known as the “Pakistan Biggest Cricket Stadium.” Innovative technology will control all moving parts of the stadium, making it a state-of-the-art facility. In addition, all the amenities and grounds surrounding the stadium will be available to residents and visitors to enjoy entertainment.

Forces School Blue World City

Construction of the Forces School franchise has almost been completed and is now ready for operation. Management has opened registration for admissions to the new branch of the Forces School flagship Campus in Blue World City. The school will offer opportunities for residents and all those living in the area.

Blue World City Islamabad Payment Plans

The Blue World City Islamabad Payment Plan has been created to make it easy for investors to purchase residential plots. Blue World City online payment plan into 40 monthly installments or eight quarterly installments? Below is information about the installment and payment arrangements for Blue World City.

Blue World City Islamabad Master Plan

Blue World City Islamabad’s core idea is to promote friendship between Pakistani and Chinese. This housing community is unique in Pakistan and the twin cities. As the CPEC project progresses and relations improve, Chinese nationals plan to make Pakistan their second homeland. Except for BWC, no other housing society offers such an amenity to Chinese visitors. This has made the housing society more attractive for investment. As a result, the twin cities real estate markets are optimistic about the future and project positive investment returns.

Blue World City is made up of many blocks. Investing in them will guarantee you a better return than your expectations. These are some of the blocks:

Blue World City Islamabad Overseas Block

Blue World City Block has been created to house Chinese nationals. This block was explicitly designed to serve the needs of Pakistanis living abroad and who want to build their homes once they return to Pakistan. This block has all the benefits of a gated community. You can speak to an Emporium Properties real-estate expert to learn more about the area.

Blue World City Islamabad Overseas Block is the crown jewel of this remarkable residential development. The Overseas Block was created for Pakistani expatriates looking for luxury amenities and a higher standard of life. Some commercial and residential lots are available in the Overseas Block on a first come, first served basis. It is an excellent opportunity for Pakistanis who live abroad to make a safe and affordable investment in Pakistan. Blue World City Overseas Block voting will yield huge profits, making it a worthwhile investment.

Blue World City Islamabad Overseas Location Map

You can reach the Location of Overseas Block Islamabad easily via Chakri Road. The society’s Main Gate will allow you to access its gate. In addition, Rawalpindi Ring Road will be available for housing development. This will link Blue World City Islamabad directly with Motorway M-2 and Islamabad. The project attracts domestic and international investors due to its desirable and convenient location.

The Overseas Block was established to address the needs of Pakistanis who wish to invest in their home country. Fraud is the biggest obstacle to overseas investors. Therefore, it is good news that the Overseas Block at Blue World City Islamabad has legitimate investment opportunities in Rawalpindi. The block has all the amenities and conveniences that foreign residents need to live in a similar environment to the one they have at home. These facilities offer a comfortable lifestyle. Overseas Block Residents also have direct access to Chakri Road, M-2 Motorway, and Rawalpindi Ring Road (RRR).

Master plan for Blue World City Overseas Block

The Overseas Block Blue World City Islamabad is an attractive residential option and destination. It pays attention to the most important requirements for a comfortable lifestyle. Moreover, residents can enjoy their evenings in a designated entertainment area.

The Overseas Block also houses a small club that draws a lot of avid golfers. The country club is also located adjacent to a beautiful, tranquil lake. Additional notable features include the university and museum. Neither of these facilities has been previously found in Pakistani housing developments.

Blue World City Overseas Islamabad Payment Program

This fabulous area offers many investment options. There are many options for investors looking to invest in commercial or residential property. 

Blue World City Overseas Payment Plan

It will show you that the management has created the best plan for you. Next, look at the payment plan and see if it helps you choose the right investment property.

Residential Lots for Sale in Blue World City, Overseas Block Islamabad

  • 7 Marla

A person may only buy 175 Sq. Yd. For just 1,925,000/$, you can become a 7 Marla Blue World City Overseas Block Islamabad parcel owner. A 4-year installment plan is also available with an initial investment of 192,500/$ as a down payment and 19,250/$ monthly in 40 installments.

  • 10 Marla

BWC offers 250 Sq. Ft. residential plots. Yd. Emporium properties now offer 10 Marla Blue World City Overseas blocks for a new price of 2,680,000/. This plot can also be purchased by making a 10% down payment and paying 40 monthly installments totaling 26,800/-.

  • 1 Kanal

We have already mentioned that the management designed this block for Pakistani expatriates. The management has designed these properties to suit the tastes of Pakistani expatriates. Only 4,800,000.00/- is the price for 1 Kanal in Blue World City’s Overseas Block. A 10% down payment is required. This plot has a monthly payment of 48,000.

  • 2 Kanal

You can enjoy freedom and luxury independence by investing in 2 Kanal plots in Overseas Block Blue World City Islamabad. 10% is required for the initial deposit. The 40-month installment plan costs 10%. To own this luxury piece of land, you must pay a monthly payment of 77,000/month for 40 months. Additional development costs are also required.

Commercial plots available for sale in Blue World City Overseas Block Islamabad

  • 5 Marla

BWC Commercial Plots can be used for residential purposes as well as investment. They offer a wide range of investment opportunities and high returns. For example, 5, Marla Commercial in Overseas Block Blue World City is available for only 9,400,000/- You can also purchase commercial property under the installment option. There are 40 monthly installments at 94,000/month and a 10% initial deposit.

  • 10 Marla

The cost of 10 Marla Commercial Properties in Overseas Block Blue World City Islamabad is 15,000,000/- You can also get it in installments. This magnificent piece of land can be paid in monthly installments of 150,000.



Blue World City Islamabad General Block

General Block Blue World City is a game-changer for the real estate market. It offers a great lifestyle and makes it easier to make financial decisions. Moreover, the plots in Blue World City General Block are very affordable. This was one of the blocks that was launched in the BWC Rawalpindi. The majority of facilities promised in the pre-launching period are now being provided. Development work is currently at 70%.

The block will be home to all the modern amenities and facilities. This is the decision of top management. Because of its affordability, investors have expressed great interest in the block. This block is attractive for investment and offers the best living conditions for its residents. “Blue World City General Block” was designed to provide high-quality living at a low price. This block has many commercial properties that will bring you the highest returns.

General Block Owners and Developers

General Block is being constructed under the auspices of Blue Group of Companies, thanks to Mr. Saad Nazar’s inspirational leadership. Blue World City was created by the management company China Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company. This is China’s most prestigious developmental agency. The Chinese business has already started to work on this home project. The Blue Group of Companies was founded in 1989 to provide top-notch construction and design services. This group has delivered various exceptional projects quickly and raised the bar in business.

General Block Location Map

The General Block is a key component of the neighborhood’s aesthetics and significance in Blue World City. Its sole purpose is to provide cutting-edge and stunning amenities at affordable prices. Living a simple, comfortable yet affordable lifestyle is possible with the support of lush green side streets, parks, carpeted roads, well-planned infrastructure, and well-lit homes. The Blue World City Islamabad General Block map will be a great success for the public.

Blue World City Islamabad General BLOCK NOC

Although there were some concerns about the Blue World City Islamabad General Block NOC approval status of the market recent events have dispelled all such unfounded rumors that Blue World City is currently a legally authorized project. Furthermore, the Rawalpindi Development Authority has confirmed that the Blue World City and all its blocks have been granted NOC. The Letter No. 532/10/DC.

Blue World City Islamabad General Block Easy Payment Plan

Management and the owner have determined the rates and payment plans to be applied to the plots available, considering the financial situation of potential investors. The four-year installment plan is affordable for all investors. After careful consideration, the creators created a Blue World City Islamabad General Block Payment plan. Residents and investors will enjoy living in one of Islamabad’s most popular neighborhoods, near tourist attractions and landmarks.

General Block Residential Lots

  • 5 Marla

There is no better place to buy a residential property than 5 Marla General Block Blue World City Islamabad if you’re looking for an investment opportunity. After the possession waiver, the land’s total cost is 1,190,000. This land can also be purchased in 4-year installments.

  • 8 Marla

We have often told you that Blue World City has everything for everyone. That is why we offer you a beautiful 200 Sq. Yd. Yd. The total price of 8 Marla General Block blue World City Islamabad is 1,530,000/-. The down payment for this plot is 153,000/-.

  • 10 Marla

You will have many future opportunities with 10 Marla in BWC Islamabad General Block. This ideal residential property requires a down payment of 183,000. After the possession waiver, the total cost of this property is 1,830,000

  • 1 Kanal

After the possession waiver, the total price is 3,430,000/$. If you wish to purchase it in installments, the down payment will be 343,000/-. The monthly installment for 1 Kanal General Blue World City Islamabad costs 34,300/per month.

  • 2 Kanal

Blue World City is the ideal place to realize all your dreams 2 Kanal plot General Block Blue World City Islamabad offers elegance and serenity. After the possession waiver, the total cost for 2 Kanal residential lots is 6,640,000/. This place can also be yours if you choose a 4-year installment plan.

The commercial plot in the General Block

  • 5 Marla

Blue World City General Block offers the best investment opportunity in form 5 Marla plots. After the possession waiver, the total cost is 7,200,000/- This commercial land can be purchased on a 4-year installment plan. The down payment of 720,000/- is 10% of the total cost. The per-month installment for 40 months is 72,000/.

Why invest in the General Block Islamabad

The affordability of Blue World City General Block Rates should convince potential buyers and investors. However, there are many other reasons to finance this housing project. The General Block map shows the importance of the location. It is close to all significant housing complexes.

You can check the General Block voting results on the Blue World City website. In addition, blue World City General Block File Verification allows you to confirm the news and papers. This housing development’s senior management spent much time developing an online system to keep everything running smoothly.

Why invest in the General Block Islamabad

The affordability of Blue World City General Block Rates should convince potential buyers and investors. However, there are many other reasons to finance this housing project. The General Block map shows the importance of the location. It is close to all significant housing complexes.

You can check the General Block voting results on the Blue World City website. In addition, blue World City General Block File Verification allows you to confirm the news and papers. This housing development’s senior management spent much time developing an online system to keep everything running smoothly.

Near the Blue World City

Some of the important locations include:
New Islamabad
International Airport
M2 Motorway, that
connects Lahore and Islamabad
The Kashmir
Chakri Motorway
Interchange Model
Green Oaks
Ring Road (New)

Blue World City Islamabad Waterfront District

The Blue World City Waterfront Block is the most recent addition to BWC’s project. The neighborhood is located in the society in front of the Overseas Block. It is strategically located along the river’s water reservoir. The tranquility of the community and its waterfront views might be a draw for residents. If you live near Rawalpindi or Islamabad, it is possible to commute to your workplace or business place in minutes. All commercial and residential amenities are available within the community so that everyone does not have to travel outside the area to fulfill their needs. Modern healthcare facilities can be found within the borders of civilization. The top management has fulfilled its promise to make this city Pakistan’s first purpose-built. This block will add the most potential to this housing community’s portfolio. Blue World City’s Waterfront District is designed around a lake, providing luxury and serenity to its residents. There are many entertainment options. Many attractions here include lake-floating restaurants, water sports, and a walk.

NOC of the Waterfront District Block

The Islamabad Development Authority has approved the Waterfront Block NOC. Blue World City’s management has worked hard to obtain approval from the relevant authorities. The general proposal is transparent and legal. The Waterfront block map has now been granted a valid NOC. The RDA had granted Blue World City planning authorization before gaining the NOC. This is a notable accomplishment during this period.

The Waterfront District Islamabad Exact Position

The Waterfront Block in BWC can be found in a prime location that is easily accessible from the most important locations in Islamabad or Rawalpindi.

  • By car, Islamabad can be reached in 33 minutes.
  • Rawalpindi can be reached in 32 minutes by car.
  • Nearby are the Chakri Road, Chakri Interchange, and Chakri Road.
  • Khanial Homes can be reached in 33 minutes.
  • Saddar is approximately 60 minutes away from Rawalpindi.
  • Chauntra Road is about a three-minute drive from Sihal.
  • The travel time from Chakri M2 Toll Plaza will take approximately 13 minutes.
  • To get to N-5 National Highway it takes approximately 48 minutes.
  • It takes approximately one-and-a-half hours to get there from N-80, Fateh Jang in Punjab
  • Driving time to Defense Housing Authority takes approximately 57 minutes.
  • The driving time from New Islamabad Airport Road to New Islamabad is approximately 31 minutes.
  • It takes approximately one hour and three minutes to drive from Bahria Town in Rawalpindi (Punjabi, Pakistan)

Waterfront District Block Master Plan

The Waterfront District Block Master plan will show you that top management and developers put so much effort into creating a peaceful place to live. It will cover more than 70000 sq. m. Mountains, and a blue-world water park surrounds it.

Sizes Of Residential Plots

  • 6 Marla
  • 12 Marla
  • 18 Marla

Sizes Of Commercial Plots

  • 5 Marla

Waterfront District Payment Plan

Blue World City Waterfront Block is a great option for finding inner peace. It’s affordable! This is excellent for those who want to feel comfortable and entertained while saving money. To make it easier for everyone, the administration has modified Waterfront Block Payment Plan. Several residential and commercial plots are available in Waterfront District, including 12, 18, and 18 Marla plots. For the convenience of investors, the block offers a simple four-year installment plan with 40 monthly payments. According to the Waterfront Payment Plan, bookings require a 10% down payment and a 5% confirmation charge.

  • 6 Marla

The cost of a 6-Marla residential plot located in The Waterfront District comes to PKR 17.5 Lacs. However, you can also pay in monthly installments with PKR 1.75 Lacs as your initial deposit. Investors may pay in either eight semi-annual payments or 40 monthly installments. The four-year term of the installment plan is covered.

  • 12 Marla

The 12 Marla residential in The Waterfront Districtpayment Plan has a booking fee of PKR 3.15 Lacs and an overall rate greater than PKR 31 lacs. It offers 40 monthly payments or eight half-year installments of PKR 31.5 lacs.

  • 18 Marla

An 18 Marla plot in The Waterfront District will cost PKR 42 Lacs. This includes a PKR 2.00 lacs booking fee. These plots require eight half-year payments spread over a period of four years.


blue-world-city-water front

Waterfront District Block: Top-Class Amenities

Blue World City developers are offering another incredible business opportunity. The developers have created the Waterfront District to host an exciting event for locals. As the name suggests, it is a remarkable project. Artificial lakes surround the water park set against a mountainous backdrop. This new block will fulfill the real estate investor’s dreams. Waterfront District’s block map displays a variety of amenities, including Grand Mosque surveillance, food and drink streets, commercial hubs, and hotels. In addition, you can find swimming pools, eco-friendly walking trails, spas, and gyms. There is a fence surrounding the community, as well as a world-class cinema. Let’s take an in-depth look at the top-quality amenities on this block.

  • The Lake Facing Society

Residents will treasure the beautiful view of the lake. Waterfront property appeals because it is located in a great location and offers flexible payment options. The view from the housing society is just as breathtaking and incredible.

  • Outdoor Movies

To Pakistanis, outdoor movie screenings may seem like a distant dream. However, you can still enjoy outdoor movie viewings if you live in the Waterfront Block.

  • The Scenic Walk

The block map of the waterfront neighborhood includes a walking route that highlights the attractiveness of the housing society. In addition, there are many opportunities for business at the nearby water sports club.

  • Restaurant on the Water

A food court is located in the Blue World City Waterfront District It complies with international standards It will feature international and regional cuisines with breathtaking views. Construction will make it a floating restaurant.

  • Aquatic Activities

Waterfront District Block’s icing is a top-tier club for water sports. Here you can find games and water activities. Professionally trained volunteers are available to assist you in your adventure sports. In addition, international specialists will design the waterparks to make the most out of the block’s potential.

  • Dancing Fountain

A huge dancing fountain will be added to the Waterfront District Block. Enjoy the natural beauty of the water flowing in front of your face. Rawalpindi will soon have its own ” Water Theme Park.” Blue World City’s highly skilled crew is constantly at work to enhance the fountain’s aesthetic appeal.

Why should you invest in the Waterfront District Block?

The Blue World City Waterfront District Block accurately represents luxury, comfort, and refinement. This waterfront block looks great and seems like an excellent investment. Additionally, these properties are very affordable and currently under development.

  • You will be entertained and comfortable with a variety of water sports.
  • The block plan for the waterfront district includes all the technological comforts and facilities necessary to make comfortable living possible.
  • Islamabad’s waterfront residence creates a close bond between people and the environment, which makes them feel at ease.
  • Investors have the best options for maximizing their returns with the Waterfront District block.

The Blue World City Waterfront District, a modern block, is well-planned and executed. It will soon be a highly sought-after block. This complex offers a variety of real estate benefits, including a large plot size and a high-quality location at the Waterfront. The Waterfront District Block is a successful real-estate venture. prices have increased due to high demand.

Waterfront District blocks offer both residential and commercial plots at affordable prices. Call the trusted real estate professionals at Emporium Properties, one of the top 5 realty firms in Lahore or Islamabad. We’re committed to providing high-quality and affordable real estate for Pakistani citizens.

Awami Residential Complex Blue World City Islamabad

Awami Residential Apartments Complex is located in Awami Residential Apartments Complex, a low-cost housing project for middle-class and lower-income residents. It works with the Pakistani Prime Minister to realize his vision for the Naya Pakistan Housing Program. The Blue Group of Companies Consortium supports balancing public and private sector services.

The Awami residence complex which has the tagline “A Place to Live for Every Family” is an honest effort to alleviate Pakistan’s housing shortage by offering high-quality communal living at an affordable price. This project will be the most sought-after location in Pakistan due to its amenities, facilities, and opportunities.

The Awami Complex will offer a unique blend of modern architecture and tranquility. The Awami Residential complex was designed to meet all your needs, including the opportunity to live in a healthy, clean environment. The Forces School System is a group of former senior army officers that provides high-quality education for children.

Awami Complex is equipped with electricity and has a hospital open 24 hours a day. Residents will have free access to some of the city’s most iconic landmarks thanks to their location on Multan Road next to the NFC Ring Road Interchange. Awami Residential Complex residents will also have many employment options due to the proximity of an industrial area.


Awami Complex Islamabad Developers & Owners

Blue Group of Companies strives to create a project that will provide the best foundation for your future success. Blue Group of Companies is one of Islamabad’s most prominent real estate developers. In 1989, BGC‘s Lahore office offered only construction and architectural services. Mr. Saad Nazar, a visionary and famous business personality in Pakistan, The Imperium Group of Companies was also founded in 1999. It is now a well-known real estate and construction company. The passion and dedication of the two developers behind this stunning residential project are well-known in Pakistan. International real estate companies use local and foreign professionals to provide the best residential solution for Pakistani residents.

According to Prime Minister Khan’s goal of creating affordable yet elegant homes, the Blue Group is working to relieve Pakistan’s housing crisis. These options can be purchased on a very reasonable and accessible payment plan. For example, the Awami Residencial Complex Islamabad is available for sale at a set price. This is also known as a residential welfare project of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Because there are so many flats available at such low rates, this is why. Half the apartments have been reserved for federal employees. 40% are for the general population. 10% is reserved for widows or retired people. This is a testament to a visionary like Mr. Imran.

Awami Complex is located in Islamabad.

It would be ideal (M2) to locate the Awami Residential complex within Blue World City on the Lahore Islamabad Motorway. It is easily accessible from both Rawalpindi (Imran) and Islamabad (M2). Awami Complex Islamabad offers safe living and all the services you need to live in a high-quality community. This complex will be built in Islamabad as well as Lahore. This project will be located near the Main Multan Road/Canal, Lahore Ring Road. A Dubai-based expert team has developed the project’s strategy and construction plans. Awami Residential Complex will offer many opportunities for investors and residents.

Master plan for Awami Complex Islamabad

Owners and developers work tirelessly to make the ideal living environment for their members. Developers have divided the complex into several-sized apartments after careful planning. The Awami Complex Master plan will explain why you should invest in this project.


The luxurious residential project will offer studio apartments that allow residents to live in luxury without breaking the bank. These flats of 375 square feet will have an attached bathroom and a kitchen.

1 Bedroom Apartment

550 Sq. This beautiful space will offer a perfect living environment for a small family. The attached kitchen and bath will be located in this area.

2 Bedroom Apartment for Families

This apartment has two bedrooms and enough space for comfort. A 2-bedroom apartment has a total area of 830 sq. Ft.

Duplex Villa

This project will not only be spectacular but it is also being built for the Pakistani people. Blue World City Awami Villas is a model for elegance and affordability. Duplex Villas at ARC will offer 675 square feet of living space. This makes it an ideal location for those who want to live in a comfortable and enjoyable environment.

Awami Residential Apartments Payment Program

Let’s look at the Awami Residential Apartments Payment plan. All properties within this peaceful residential setting can be purchased on a 5-year installment schedule.

  1. Studio Flat

A Studio apartment costs 1,500,000/- and has a certification adjustment of 300,000. The down payment is 120,000/- 50 monthly installments of 10,800/month are required.

  1. Apartment with 1 Bedroom

This luxurious apartment is listed at 1,800,000. This plot has a down payment of 150,000 and a monthly installment of 13,500 for 50 months.

  1. Apartment with 2 Bedrooms

This beautiful flat is available for Rs. 1,900,000/-. You also have the option to choose installment payment. This flat’s monthly installment is only 17,100/month, which is very affordable.

  1. Duplex Villa

Only Rs. This stylish 3.5 Marla Duplex Villa in Awami Apartments, Blue World City Islamabad, is your chance to own it. You can pay over 50 months if you prefer the installment payment option. The monthly installments are 20,400/month, and the down payment 240,000/month.

  1. Single-story Villa

The 3 Marla single-story Villa is available for a very affordable price of 2,500,000/. The down payment is very low at 220,000/-, and the monthly installments for 50 months are 18,700/-

Awami Residential Complex Distinctive Features

It is recommended to rent an apartment in the Awami Residence Complex, Islamabad if you’d like to witness something extraordinary. The project is a home that will bring many fantastic features to Pakistan’s low and moderate-income sectors.

  1. Low-Cost Housing Apartments

Awami Apartments Payment Plan will reveal that these apartments offer everything you’re searching for. Thanks to the vision of Mr. Imran Khan’s visionary work and the growth of Blue World City, the middle and lower-income classes can now afford to buy a home.

  1. Redefining Luxury

Awami Residential Apartments would have everything you could want in a luxurious setting. Moreover, residents can create their own homes the way they like.

III. Excellent Location

This Awami Residential Complex’s location is a distinct feature of this fantastic property. It is hard to find an attractive housing project that is this large and affordable in this location.

  1. Residential Project NOC

The project is legal and has obtained all the approvals from the appropriate authorities. One of the primary reasons people queue up to buy the property within this residential complex is its Awami Residential Complex NOC.

Awami Residential Complex Islamabad & Lahore is a housing development created in response to Imran Khan’s policy of providing low-cost houses. Due to the abundance of amenities and affordable payment plans, this is the most sought-after residential and investment option for investors and interested residents. The Awami Residence Complex, located in a prime area, has been an attraction for low and moderate-income residents across Pakistan since its beginning. Emporium Properties strongly recommends that the best moment to invest in Blue World City Awami Apartments is right now.

Awami Complex Islamabad Payment Plan

Blue World Economic Zone

The Blue World Economic Zone in Pakistan offers a great opportunity for business and commercial activities, primarily in light of the CPEC. According to the project’s title, ” Blue World Economic Zone,” it was designed with the business community at the forefront. Since it was created to meet the needs and requirements of modern companies, BWEZ will be the next big thing to happen in the twin cities. 

Therefore, the BGC has established its Blue World City Economic Zone to provide both foreign and local businesses and entrepreneurs with a tranquil, secure, high-tech working environment all in one place that allows them to maximize their profits and growth as they do business along their location along the CPEC route.

The availability of a 5-star hotel close to some of the most famous tourist destinations will make doing business more fun. BWEZ is in the process of being built at an ideal location, which is essential to Pakistan’s economic sector. It is the first economic zone designed to meet the requirements of businesspeople.


Blue World Economic Zone Developers & Owners

Only those with a sharp imagination can create something unique and revolutionary. This is the case concerning the Blue World City Economic Zone. This incredible commercial venture is being developed under the direction of the late Mr. Saad Nazir. The idea that Blue World Economic Zone developers envision converting an existing road in the city into a business route through CPEC is fantastic.


Saad Nazir. Saad Nazir has proven his ability to transform an area of barrenness into one full of possibilities. Investors eagerly await the conclusion of projects under the direction of Saad Nazir. Saad Nazir. Mr. Saad Nazir has hired world-renowned architects and developers to build BWEZ. The main difference between these projects compared to other areas of development is the quality of Mr. Saad Nazir leadership.

Location Map of Economic Zone

A successful real estate development depends on where the project will be constructed. Blue World City will have smashed it into the ground to choose the site. The entire development is located along Chakri road, which is accessible across Pakistan. Blue World Economic Zone location map is fantastic. It provides various potential investment opportunities, and the road to BWC can also be an extension of China Pakistan Economic Corridor.


It is because it is located within Blue World City, near the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. Moreover, the blue World City Economic Zone is near the CPEC route. Therefore, with the potential of CPEC and the strategic location of this business, the center is the most sought-after spot in Pakistan.

Blue World Economic Zone Master plan

Blue World Economic Zone would be the first private economic zone created on the CPEC route, offering a one-stop solution to both local and foreign companies through warehouses and wholesale centers that align with the goals of BWEZ. Moreover, it will benefit exporters and importers because of its location close to the capital city of the federal government and the high above the road from Gwadar Port to the khunjerab Pass, the Pakistan-China border. In addition, blue World City, as the first city built specifically for tourists in Pakistan, will increase tourism in the country and provide the security of a home for foreign tourists and investors who travel back and forth between Pakistan for business purposes.

BWEZ Facilities and Amenities

The BWEZ was established to provide an unwinding, high-tech, and safe business environment for international and local companies. In Blue World City Blue World City, businesses can do business relaxedly through that CPEC route. Blue World City’s management will go to great lengths to offer an ideal blend of tranquility and security. Let’s look at a few of the features that make the Blue World Economic Zone one of the top economic zones.

* Blue Trade Center

The International Economic Zone will be the world’s most advanced and modern trade center that will change how companies conduct business. This center will inaugurate a new era of business. It will bring about a new commercial change that is set to forever change the Pakistani real estate industry.

* The Convention Center

The Convention Center will be the central point for the entire blue economic zone, providing endless opportunities for investors.

* Seven-Star Hotel

Establishing a 7-star hotel within the Blue World Economic Zone would attract foreign investors and traders seeking to conduct business with or in Pakistan.

* BWEZ Economy and Luxury Apartments

In addition to a seven-star hotel Apart from the seven-star hotel Blue World Economic Zone also allows purchasing an economy or luxurious residences. Therefore, it is an ideal possibility for both residential and investment reasons.

* Warehouses

Its Blue World Economic Zone map will also show the potential expansion of warehouses that can benefit business owners and dealers.

* Medical Facilities

There’s nothing the Blue World City Economic Zone will not get soon. The economic zone’s master plan includes a fully-equipped hospital.

* Shopping Centers and Entertainment

BWEZ will not be just an area for business and leisure but also for entertainment. This means it will be home to various world-renowned malls and theater chains.

Blue World City Islamabad Hollywood Block

Blue World City Islamabad is currently one of Pakistan’s top-loved communities. Blue World City has become the top-selling community in Pakistan and beyond, not just within Rawalpindi or Islamabad. The administration of Blue World City has already purchased the land needed. Even though the work is carried out at all times of the night and day, construction on the Blue World City property is going smoothly. When completed, it will be the most impressive Islamabad project.

A brand new block called the Blue World City Hollywood Block Islamabad is also being added. After the huge successes of the General Block and the Overseas Block, Blue World City has decided to begin building this Block. Hollywood Block.

The Hollywood Block represents Blue World City’s development goal to provide affordable yet stylish housing facilities. Blue World City (BWC) housing society was founded in conjunction with The Blue Group of Companies and the Imperium Group of Companies. It is situated close to the M-2 Motorway and next to Chakri Road. This is the Hollywood Block Blue World City Islamabad, directly next to Gates 1 and 2it. It will give you a true sense of Hollywood as it is then The General Block The location, just like Hollywood, was chosen because it is high elevation and has stunning views for those who are considering investing in BWC.

Hollywood Block Islamabad BWC Developers & Owners

Blue World City Hollywood Block is a residential project developed by the Blue Group of Companies (BGC) and the Imperium Group of Companies (IGC). Additionally, the developers signed a historic partnership with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company to plan and design the project. The project was designed by Mr. Saad Nazir, the founder of BGC, which was established in 1989. Since then, the company has never looked back, reaching significant milestones. BGC is a collection of companies that offer various kinds of services. The Blue World City Hollywood Block Owners and Developers are preparing this project to compete with the world’s living standards.

Legal Status of Hollywood Sector BWC

The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has accepted Blue World City’s No Objection Certificate (NOC). Legal and approved initiatives are more likely to succeed than illegal businesses. Blue World City Hollywood block NOC has already created waves in real estate. Many are flocking in large amounts to benefit from this excellent investment opportunity. The investment opportunities after The Blue World City Hollywood Block, NOC, look promising.

Affordable Blue World City Hollywood Block Payment Plan

Blue World City Hollywood Block payments are fairly low, with easy monthly payments. The plots in the Hollywood Block are available for purchase at reasonable rates. They have outstanding facilities that are not present in any other Block. Blue World City Hollywood Block payment plan suggests that it is the most luxurious area in that you can invest your money in BWC Rawalpindi.

The Blue World City’s Hollywood Block has been introduced by the administration of Blue World City. In addition, the Block has been well-planned and has unrivaled features. The process of reserving plots in this Block is already underway. The Block has residential plots for

  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal
  • 4 Kanal

The prices for plots in Hollywood Block Blue World City are higher than those of the last Block. However, prices are high due to the outstanding amenities and features built into this building.

* 10 Marla

The price for 10 Marla plots within the Blue World City Hollywood Block starts at Rs 4.5 million. The booking price is fixed at 1,125,000/-. The balance is due in two-year installments.

* 1 Kanal

The total cost of these plots for residential use is 7,500,000-. Reservations start at 1,875,000 per.

* 2 Kanal

The price of 14,000,000 has been determined for 2 Kanal residential properties in the Hollywood Block in Blue World City. The cost of the booking is 3,500,000/–.

* 4 Kanal

The residential plot with 4 Kanal in Hollywood Block Blue World City is 26,500,000 dollars. The cost of booking this property, should you choose to purchase the property in two years installments, is 6,500,000$.

Blue World City Islamabad Executive Block

Blue World City is making considerable strides in the field of real estate. It is a significant player in Islamabad as well as Lahore. Executive Block in Blue World City will help this luxurious block’s investors and future residents. The residents will be content to pay for a place to live in this stunning block in Blue World City Islamabad. The management at the top of BWC has made all arrangements to build Modern World wonders in this housing project. BWC is the first project ever in the development of real estate in Pakistan, which is being designed as a tourist-oriented city. Therefore, developers plan every aspect of the infrastructure by the highest standards of living.

Additionally, the block offers many plots to choose from, which makes it an excellent investment. It is a good investment because the area is developing because BWC is guaranteed to yield results. The more advancement is accomplished in our society; the more profits will accrue. The best moment for investing in Blue World City was yesterday. The next most suitable time is now. Invest now

A Brief Introduction to Executive Block

The BWC Executive Block is now available for business, which is a fantastic new addition to the already exciting residential community. Blue World City is located in the city of Islamabad. Blue World City Islamabad Executive Block is located in an excellent location and is accessible in various ways. It is also close to both cities, Islamabad as well as Rawalpindi. This Executive Block will embody elegance, luxury, and elegance. Modern and basic facilities will be offered to people living in the building. Blue World City’s Executive Block of Blue World City will provide residents with an extravagant lifestyle.

Developers & Owners Executive Block Islamabad

The most modern and contemporary housing project, Blue World City, will feature a variety of replicas of world-class attractions. But in addition, they plan to offer luxury and comfort within a secure community. They’ve demonstrated this; the master plan they have developed is modern and encompasses everything from luxury to comfort. Blue Group of Companies owns the Executive Block Blue World City Islamabad. The developers were also assisted by an engineering company called the Shah Jian Municipal Engineering Company for this project.

Legal Status of Executive Block Islamabad

Blue World City NOC now has legal status and has been endorsed by the Rawalpindi Development Authority. Additionally, Blue World City has been granted Rawalpindi District Council has given Blue World City legal and authorized designation by letter 532/10/DC. We all know that NOC is crucial in gaining the confidence and trust of investors. Blue World City currently has won the trust of potential residents and investors.

Executive Block Location Map

Blue World City Islamabad executive block map of location makes it the perfect choice for residents and investors. It is situated in General Block Blue World City Islamabad.

Payment Plan of BWC Executive Block Islamabad

Blue World City Executive Block offers residents the house they’ve always wanted for a low price. A payment plan for 4 years with plots of five Marla, 10 Marla, and 20 marla is available. Another important aspect is the place of the Blue World City Islamabad Executive block, which is carefully designed. Furthermore, Blue

World City Islamabad Executive Block Payment Plan is affordable and allows anyone to invest easily. Additionally, there is an option for an installment plan of four years, allowing investors of all kinds. In the end, continue studying to find out details about Executive Block’s payment plan offered by Executive Block.

* 5 Marla Residential Plot

There are five Marla plots within the Executive Block. In addition, the plots are offered for homeowners to build their dream homes. In addition, they could be the ideal solution for rental homes. Therefore, buying into this investment is a good idea. In addition, the payment plan for these plots is sensible. Pricing starts at PKR 875,00 per.

* 10 Marla Residential Plot

Other sizes of properties are accessible to investors and potential homeowners. The plots are located in an exclusive building, and they’re full of facilities and amenities. In addition, their dimensions and location make them the best option. Blue World City Executive Block is the best choice for those who want to construct your dream home. Additionally, it is a good choice for those who want to build their dream home. Executive Block payment plan is affordable, and thanks to the possibility of an installment plan, anyone can purchase a plot. In addition, 10 Marla plots are PKR 1,675,000 per.

* 20 Marla Residential Plot

The final option can be found in one of the twenty Marla plots. Furthermore, they are lavish and come with many amenities. The second major factor is the geographical location of the plots, which also boosts the value of your investment. Additionally, the payment plan is very affordable. Additionally, the plan allows for an installment plan of 4 years. Blue World City has been doing its best to ensure the ease of investors’ transactions since they consider customer satisfaction the most important. The price range that the twenty Marla residences start at PKR 3,150,000/-

The city of blue is here to aid people and investors from all financial backgrounds. They have created a plan for anyone looking to purchase their dream home. Additionally, investors are assured security by availing of a 4-year installment plan. Additionally, investors can be able to purchase the property with executive buildings that are full of amenities and facilities. Investing in this area will be an asset of significant value. The executive block master plan allows an array of sizes for plots to make it simpler for investors. Go to the Emporium Properties office or their official website for how to invest in real estate and similar projects such as Executive Block.


Blue world City Sports Valley Block

The Sports Valley Block in Blue World City was created and designed to provide visitors and residents with a range of sports facilities. Residents will be able to enjoy top-quality sporting events in the community in a way that has never been before. The development is ideal for creating a positive community for Pakistani tourism and sports. A specially designed stadium for cricket will be built, with a capacity of 55,000 fans. Apartments and commercial areas will surround the top-quality cricket ground for residents and visitors. Furthermore, eco-friendly leisure areas and courts for futsal, volleyball, basketball, badminton, and fitness, as an alley for bowling, cycling tracks, and hiking trails, will be offered within the Blue World City Sports Valley Block.

Blue World City Booking Process

This housing project is a top residential development within Islamabad and covers the total size of one Lac Kanal. The housing association has recently included the 10,000 Kanal Land in its development plan. General Block, Overseas Block, Waterfront Block, Blue World Trade Center, Blue World Economic Zone, and Awami Residential Complex are different plots available for sale within Blue World City.

Below is a list of some plots that are available for sale.

  • 5 Marla Plots
  • 8 Marla Plots
  • 10 Marla Plots
  • 1 Kanal Plots
  • 2 Kanal Plots

Commercial plots are likely to increase exponentially in value due to the introduction of CPEC routes in addition to housing developments. Blue World City Commercial plots can be classified into the following categories:

  • 5 Marla Commercial Plots
  • 8 Marla Commercial Plots

How can I book a plot BWC?

This is the most efficient approach for plot booking for Blue World City Islamabad. Blue World City Islamabad:

Visit the Blue World City Islamabad Official Website to look at the procedures or talk to experts working for Emporium Properties. You can also visit the Blue World City office in Rawalpindi.

It is also possible to talk with the Emporium Estate Management consultant via the Blue World City head office phone number to receive all the details regarding the potential for investment, location, and ROI yield information. If your managing partner is happy with you, then leave the remainder to us. All you have to do is supply us with these documents:

  • If you’re a Pakistani native, you need to present two passport-sized pictures along with a copy of your ID card from the country you are a citizen of and a copy of your Next of Kin ID card as well as a payment receipt made in the form of a cheque or pay the order in the name of the Blue Group of Companies. It is also possible to submit these documents to Blue World City’s main office. Blue World City main office.
  • Suppose you’re a Pakistani national who lives in a different country. In that case, the requirements for obtaining Blue World City files are identical. Instead of an ID card, you’ll be required to show a NICOP.
  • To get Blue World City online verification, You can request to receive official documentation from us or go to their website.


File Verification Service of Blue World City

If you purchase an area within Blue World City through Emporium Properties, you can get the best deal of your life. Emporium Properties provides you with crucial information on how to verify Blue World City plot files. By using our tools for verification of files which allow you to verify the validity of your commercial or residential plots. These techniques can be utilized by Pakistanis who reside in Pakistan and Pakistanis living in other countries to assure ” Blue World City Islamabad File Verification.” Emporium Properties is solely responsible for the legitimate Blue World City online file verification for files we purchase but not for those obtained through other resources. So be careful and only purchase Blue World City files from Emporium Properties.

Emporium Properties will also be present with experts and specialists to confirm their Blue World City file online. Foreigners, as well as locals, can make use of the methods to determine the status of the file. Two steps can be considered to aid you in this regard. First, you can visit the office of Emporium Properties to get precise details. Then, connect with the representatives from Blue World City. They are one of the few Blue World City verification of file methods. Here are a few steps to follow to complete the verification.

  1. Open the Website

The first step to the online confirmation for the Blue World City Islamabad documents is to visit the official website of BWC. It is possible to search for the official website online or go here.

  1. Go to Online Services

After you’ve landed at the Blue World City Islamabad official website, The next step to complete the online verification of files is to head to the Online Services section at the top of the page.

  1. Online Registration Verification

A drop-down menu will open when you click the online services tab in the primary menu. You’ll select an option within that drop-down menu with the title Online Registration Verification. Select the option to go through the Blue World City Islamabad file verification. It is authentic as well as 100% correct.

  1. Put In Information

If you click “online registration verification,” it will lead you to a screen with an unfilled menu. Then, you will be asked to enter your credentials into the boxes. The first thing you must enter into the box is the Form Number. And in the following box, you’ll need to put your security code. You will not be able to obtain online verification for Blue World City Islamabad without this information.

  1. See Your Information

After you input your credentials to determine your file’s status, another window will pop up, showing the details of the query you typed in. Following these steps, you’ll be able to get the Blue World City Islamabad Online file verification completed.

  1. No Result

Suppose you enter incorrect details or credentials at any point in the entire process. In that case, the system will not display any results.


Benefits of Online File Verification Blue World City Rawalpindi

Investment in real estate is among the most important and advantageous decisions they can make during their life. This is why it is essential to complete all procedures for verifying your file and comprehend their importance. Below are some of the advantages of making use of Blue World City file registration methods. Learn more about these benefits.

  • Protection against Scams and Frauds

There are many benefits of Verification of Files Verification one of the most important of all is the fact that you receive security from frauds and scams. Numerous fraudsters take advantage of the popularity of Blue World City to rob individuals of their wealth. This is the reason why online Blue World City file verification is vital. It adds authenticity to an already fantastic project.

  • Long Term Investment

Most real estate investments are designed to last for a long time. This can assist investors in making legally sound and secure long-term investment decisions. The online verification of files of Blue World City will provide greater clarity for investors who want to invest in the commercial and residential areas in BWC in Rawalpindi.

  • It Saves Time & Money

Following the success of the launch of the Blue World City online verification of files, investors are coming in large numbers because every investor wants to know more The verification process gives assurance to investors. It can save them lots of time and cash. Verify their status online via the Blue World City official site.

  • Legal Investment

Verification online is the best and most reliable method to verify the legitimacy of any type. If something is online, it indicates that it is legal in all aspects and is completely reliable. This is why we at Emporium Properties suggest our clients invest in Blue World City since they can review the registration and verification process online. They can also verify the registration process.


Benefits of Online Verification Blue World City

If you decide to invest in real estate property, it’s your life’s most significant and right choice. The main issue is not whether you should invest money in real estate investments. The main issue should be which investment option will get the most return. If you put your money into “Blue World City Islamabad society,” you will not only receive an enclave of paradise. However, you also receive the numerous benefits that come with purchasing plots. You can experience the entire Blue World City Islamabad file verification process online. There are several advantages of using online methods for the registration of files:

  • When you visit the internet to verify each step, you can protect yourself against Blue World City’s fraudulent activities. You can verify the authenticity of all documents.
  • If everything is accessible on the internet, it’s extremely difficult for fraudsters to steal your money. It is among the greatest advantages of Blue World City online verification.
  • It is the most secure method of investment option in Blue World City Rawalpindi. If everything is on the internet, you will are guaranteed the top services.
  • It is possible to prove the legality of the property you purchase is proven by Blue World City Islamabad file verification online.

Reasons to Invest in Blue World City

It’s a unique residential real estate venture that will capture the essence that is Chinese design elements. The idea is to offer the real estate market an elevated living environment at the most affordable price. Blue World City is such an opportunity for anyone in need, even low-income families, to benefit from the unique opportunity to purchase the perfect plot of land within this community. Once you have completed the Blue World City balloting, the profits will increase dramatically.

24/7 Utility Provision

Blue World City is being constructed among the most sought-after areas in Islamabad. This is why it was vital to provide essential facilities needed by buyers. The developers have addressed this problem in the most efficient way possible by offering uninterrupted services 24 hours a day. It is clear from the Blue World City Islamabad Map that the services are provided via underground pipes. This concealment allows for the community’s appearance and security to be enhanced. In addition, there will not be any gas, water, or power load-shedding within the community, and gas pressure won’t be reduced during winter. 

World’s Tallest Horse Mascots

We have already mentioned previously This project is focused on tourism to draw people the project’s management is creating the world’s highest horses as mascots. With a height of 125 feet, the models are the ultimate in elegance and beauty. This model is based in Kelpies, Scotland. It is 147,500 Sq. Ft. It is easily seen from the motorway, as it will be lit at night. It will be constructed near where is the Blue World City Islamabad office.

Blue Mosque

Blue World City Chakri Road Rawalpindi has fulfilled its promise to deliver the highest quality by making a replica of the Blue Mosque. Inspired by the Blue Mosque in Turkey, this mosque will reflect Muslim splendor and cultural influence. The mosque is being constructed the same way it was originally built in Turkey.

Activity Centers

The sophisticated housing community is one of the most prestigious commercial districts in the area. It is also poised to become Pakistan’s most important commercial hub. This hub will be the one-stop shop for all people’s needs, enabling people to stay within the community’s premises to purchase things.

Water Themed Park

Blue World Water Theme Park is an amazing tourist attraction in Islamabad Blue World City. China Blue World Water Theme Park is being built over 70,000 square meters of mountainous terrain, with natural curves that add an element of excitement to the excitement of the place. It’s being developed in partnership with Guangzhou Haisan Amusement Technology & Co. Ltd., an internationally renowned company. Alongside 20 world-class thrill rides, Blue World Water Theme Park includes a play area for children and all the popular fast-food chains like McDonald’s, KFC, Subway, Pizza Hut, and others chains for a fun-filled family trip.

Secured Community

Islamabad Blue World City is an innovative housing development in Pakistan. It is being planned and built by the Blue World City master plan. With a new security system and highly skilled security guards, the community will be the safest and most secure housing community in the world. To enhance the security of the project, the developers constructed a wall that surrounds the entire community with gate barriers, gates located at the entrance and exit points, and security guards to ensure there is nothing untoward happening in the community. Security and surveillance systems are currently being implemented to provide valuable residents with a secure and reliable security system. A comprehensive security plan includes security personnel.

Rumi Square

Jalal ud Din (Jalal the Din) Mohammad Rumi was a 13th-century Persian poet, philosopher, and saint who changed the perception of wisdom and knowledge through his unique style and method. Rumi’s influence spans countries and nations, as evidenced by the crowds of people visiting his tomb in Konya. The city is paying tribute to Maulana Jalal the Great Din Rumi by constructing a statue in a prominent location in the Blue World. The visitors will be amazed by the spiritual air emanating from this 70-foot-tall illuminated nighttime art.

Night Safari & Zoo

Night Safari & Zoo Pakistan’s first-ever night safari brings the excitement and thrill of the wild to the city. Experience the wild in a unique environment that is secure and secure. In addition to the amazing day safari where you get close to all the animals of the park and animals, you’ll be able to view wildlife at night, for the very first time in Pakistan, and will include some of the fascinating nighttime wildlife. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be up close and personal with your favorite animals, including Zebras, lions, giraffes, well hyenas, crocodiles, bears, llamas, deer, tigers, and many more.

The other projects of the BGC will provide the same services and impact on investors. For example, blue Town Lahore, symbolizes the perfect property. As per Blue World City Islamabad most recent information, the development work is proceeding rapidly. However, suppose you’re in search of more details. In that case, you can go to the Emporium Properties Lahore office. Our experienced Realtors will give you the most reliable information to benefit you personally.

Emporium Properties has always strived to provide opportunities that can provide the best investment returns. For instance, Zaitoon City, Blue TownSmart City, New Lahore City Phase 4Blue World Trade Center, Park View City, and Shadman Enclave will also prove to be a successful location that we promote ours.


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Blue World City is being developed by the Blue Group of Companies in partnership with Chinese municipal infrastructure companies. The entire purpose of Blue World City is to establish a successful and pleasant image of Pakistan by transforming the housing society into a tourist destination. Only the Blue World City offers life-size replicas of world-famous architectural marvels including Turkey’s beautiful Blue Mosque.

Because of the numerous advantages of Blue World City Islamabad, the community is attracting real estate investors from Pakistan and Pakistanis living overseas. To fulfill the needs of overseas Pakistanis, Blue World City has created a separate overseas block. Overseas Pakistanis will have access to a completely gated community with 24-hour access to all municipal services of world-class standards, including state-of-the-art parks, religious facilities, and 24-hour surveillance and security.

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Features & Amenities

Simply amazing and create an ever-lasting impression on anyone
who visits it. Some of its features include:
24/7 Water, Gas,
and Electricity

The Blue City Islamabad has worked tirelessly to ensure that residents have access to enough resources, like water, gas, and power, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


BWC provides a terrific opportunity to make a lot of money. Because the CPEC lines are so close together, this area has the potential to become the country's next commercial activity hub.

Schools, Hospitals,
Police Stations

The Master Plan for the Blue World City, which is located near Islamabad's capital city, contained schools, police stations, and medical facilities. The residents of this project have access to all basic and required utilities. It also features a hospital with 40 beds.

24/7 Security &

BWC society is one of the safest and most secure housing societies in the country, with a sophisticated 24-hour security and monitoring system in place to guarantee all security precautions and measures are followed. Residents are safeguarded by a highly competent security team.

& Club

As part of its vast entertainment offerings, the BWC will open 3D I-max theatres. The Adventure Club would up the ante by offering activities such as horseback riding, hiking, and paragliding.

Sports Parks &
Cultural Complex

BWC has attractive parks, sports facilities, and a cultural complex to provide a friendly environment for physical workouts and outdoor-healthy activities, such as Oxygen Park. Cultural diversity and harmony are promoted by sports and cultural complexes.

Mosques &
Islamic Architecture

BWC society is one of the safest and most secure housing societies in the country, with a sophisticated 24-hour security and monitoring system in place to guarantee all security precautions and measures are followed. Residents are safeguarded by a highly competent security team.

Roads &
Public Transportation

By creating a network of large highways, BWC Chakri Road built an internal system of transportation to ensure maximum convenience for its people. Throughout the main boulevard, it is 120 feet wide. All city streets are 40 feet wide, and other roads are between 80 and 100 feet wide. Pedestrians and bicycles each have their paths.

Water Parks
& Playgrounds

Water rides, slides, wave pools, a volcanic waterfall, particularly constructed water pools for youngsters under the age of 18, and water surfing will all be available at the park. The group intends to construct Pakistan's first international water theme, which will be the largest in the country.

Blue World City Islamabad

Frequently Asked Questions

The society provides a 3-year installment plan for commercial plots and a 4-year installment plan for residential plots with monthly and bi-annual Installments.

You’ll get all the knowledge concerning Blue World town by occupation 03111786050

It’s called Pak china friendly city thanks to the Chinese status people in business are delivering this project, and a Chinese Company designs its major program and theme. 

When finishing a clear development milestone, society can soon announce its vote and possession methods.

The Blue World City could be a legal housing theme with development permissions from involved authorities. 

Blue World town NOC is under process, and shortly it’ll be approved by RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority).

In step with the Blue World town Latest Updates, this society offers an overseas block specially designed to keep a watch on the requirements of overseas Pakistanis.

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