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Benefits of Blue World City Islamabad in the Heart of Society


Blue World City Islamabad is the best place for residential and commercial investments. It promotes social, cultural, and traditional values that form the core of our nation’s identity and help build up the economy in a feasible and productive way.

It is Pakistan’s first purpose-built urban area. The Blue Group of Companies, in collaboration with Shah Jian Municipal Engineering Company, built it. It is close to the CPEC Road and Chakri Interchange and is an excellent investment opportunity as it offers all the amenities investors need. Moreover, it’s cost-effective and provides a simple payment schedule. Chinese investors are already interested in the project and predict it to be Pakistan’s subsequent commercial success.

Blue World City

Blue World City is close to the Lahore Islamabad Motorway (also known as M-2). It is easily accessible from both directions, making it easy and convenient to travel from all points around the area (e.g., Lahore and the surrounding areas of Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Lahore. Blue World City is located far enough from major cities to provide residents with a peaceful, private, and tranquil environment. This location allows them to live a more comfortable and pleasant lifestyle. It is made up of 10,000 acres, which are divided into sections and subsections.

Blue World City offers luxurious living at an affordable price. The area now has access to resources such as gas, water, and electricity that was not possible before. The society will also build an electric power plant to meet the residents’ electricity needs. We will install a proper sanitary sewer system to ensure a healthy and clean environment. For better hygiene, The planners will install a water filter facility. The area will have public transport to make it easy to travel around.

Blue World City Islamabad

Blue World City Islamabad will also include large-scale sports and a multicultural complex that offers opportunities to learn and experience different activities. It will feature water rides, slides, and a waterfall, making it Pakistan’s largest water park. In addition, the developers will build lakes to enhance the area’s aesthetic appeal. For additional entertainment, we will add a 3D Imax cinema.

The area will have a replica of the Blue Mosque in Turkey to respect its residents’ religious beliefs and traditions. In addition, sector and Jamia mosques are also available to facilitate access and fulfill spiritual needs. Furthermore, there will be state-of-the-art colleges and schools to meet the educational needs of residents.

Residents will be able to use the gas facility for heating and cooking. Although water is one of the most scarce resources, it can be challenging to get. However, we will supply enough water to avoid any inconvenience to residents. All areas will have electricity. An electric power plant will provide electricity to residents. Through a Water Filtration Plant, clean drinking water will be provided to all residents of each block, taking into account accessibility and health concerns. A well-planned and properly designed sewage system will ensure health and cleanliness in all areas.

Public transport will be present that will allow residents of all blocks to have easy access to all places in Blue World City Islamabad. It will travel along all routes to avoid inconvenience, protect the environment and make travel easy and manageable. Furthermore, this large complex will allow residents to keep in touch with various sports, games, and events to preserve their cultural heritage, explore and become more active members of society.

Blue World City Islamabad Payment Plan

Blue World City Islamabad Payment Plan is affordable and easy to manage. These facilities are unrivaled by any other offered at the exact cost. To make your life easier and to ensure you get the best, we will provide many amenities for our residents.

Our Water Theme Park is the first water park of its kind. You will find water slides, water sports, and many other exciting and fun things to keep your family happy and entertained. Lakes are planned for the surrounding area. They will enhance the atmosphere and aesthetics of the site and make a living more enjoyable. In addition, an I-max 3D cinema will be constructed inside the building to provide residents with the most recent entertainment news.

A replica of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey, will be constructed to promote Pakistan’s cultural and religious heritage. This idea is to help people appreciate Islam’s beauty, stay connected to the teachings and pay homage to our culture. Sector Mosques are built to promote religion, which is the fundamental belief of Pakistanis. Blue World City will have excellent schools to ensure that children receive the highest education.

You will find a lot of shops, malls, grocery stores, and other amenities in these commercial areas. These will make it easy to find all you need and make your life easier. Book your plot today with our easy installment and payment plans to take advantage of these benefits. Depending on your sector, we can extend the payment plan for up to five years. For example, the waterfront block has a four-year payment plan. The plot size varies from 6 marlas (150 sq. Yard) to 18 marlas (450 sq. yard.

The developers created the Blue World City Islamabad Payment Plan to make clients’ lives easier, ensure they get the best deals, and spend their money wisely. Bookings require a 10% down payment. Easy installments are available over 3-5 years. To ensure your money is used in the best way possible, you can use 40 months or eight semi-annual installments.

Interested parties can purchase 3 or 4.5 marlas plots for the Awami Residential block. The overseas block (commercial) consists of 10 marla plots and five marla plots. The general block (commercial) has five marla plots. The overseas and general blocks offer up to 2 Kanal residential plots with a simple 4-year payment plan. For Pakistanis who live abroad and want to have their property in Pakistan, the overseas block is for them. They will enjoy a luxurious lifestyle at a reasonable price to have the best experience possible.

You will find the perfect ambiance because the waterfront block overlooks the beautiful waterfront. Being in paradise is possible with the natural beauty around you and an atmosphere that promotes peaceful and healthy living. There are plots available from 6 to 18 Marlas.

The Executive Block will offer the best facilities and services for residents. However, for those who desire the luxury of living in a high-rise with stunning views and all the amenities that comes with it, the Orbital Apartments are available.

Blue World County farms offer a tranquil space far removed from everyday life’s bustle. Blue World City’s Sports Valley, which includes a hockey arena, a cricket stadium, hiking trails, and other facilities, is another beautiful part. You can get property in this area with a 7.5% down payment and plots starting at five marlas to 1 Kanal. This plan will allow easy access to all of these facilities.

Many hopeful buyers have taken advantage of the Blue World City Islamabad Payment Plan to invest in a luxurious area. Chinese investors are also aware of the potential of this project, and they have already purchased shares in its development to maximize the results and make the most of it.

Book a plot to enjoy these fantastic opportunities and get the best possible living experience.

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