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Blue World City Islamabad General Block

Blue World City Islamabad General Block

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The Blue World City Islamabad General Block provides a modern and wholesome lifestyle. In terms of providing an extravagant lifestyle at an affordable price, the Blue World City General Block is a vital part of the community. It’s situated in a good neighborhood and is easy to reach. The housing project will not only significantly boost the nation’s economy but also assist those in the middle class of income. The project will also offer the security of a safe investment location for investors. Blue World City, considered an urban city within a city, is an outstanding work of urban design and architecture. The community project is stocked with all the modern living conveniences in the most serene and stunning surroundings.


When we consider what is known as the General Block and its importance to the Blue World City, it is a vital part of the overall design of the lifestyle of the residents. Its sole goal is to offer modern and stunning amenities at low costs. The lush green roads alongside parks, carpeted streets, well-planned infrastructure, tranquility, and well-lit homes help enhance the lives of people who wish to lead a comfortable and economic life. It is evident in that Blue World City Islamabad General block map that it will become a massive hit in big numbers.

Developers and Owners in this Block

Blue World City General Block is being created under the auspices of the Blue Group of Companies, headed by Mr. Saad Nazir visionary leadership. Blue World City’s management has chosen one of the top development agencies from China Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company to build this Blue World City. It is believed that the Chinese business has begun working on housing development.


Blue Group of Companies was formed in 1989 to provide quality construction and design services. Since then, the company has delivered some great projects with record-breaking speed and raised business standards. Some of the most significant initiatives that are being executed under the dynamism of the Blue Group of Companies are:

  • Blue Properties
  • Artimmix
  • Brand Square
  • Blue Palms
  • Blue Media WPZ
  • Mart Blue
  • Blue Bricks

Approval Status of Blue World City

There were some doubts in the market over the approval status of Blue World City, but the most recent changes have put all of these unfounded rumors to rest. Blue World City is now a fully legal and approved project. Rawalpindi Development Authority has declared it has granted the NOC in the name of Blue World City and its blocks. If you’d like to know the NOC status, you can verify it through Letter No. 532/10/DC.

General Block Blue World City

The Block’s designers, Blue Group of Companies (BGC), and Saad Nazir have put no expense into creating it using the latest amenities. The Block is the ultimate example of elegance and peace. The Block will provide exceptional living conditions for its residents and safe and assured gains on their investment within the Blue World City.

Blue World City is located in the city of Islamabad; Blue World City is located close to the Chakri interchange along the Lahore-Islamabad M2 road. The great thing about the position is that it is near Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

This means that those purchasing or investing in property in the area can easily access every city. Capital Smart City is a well-known housing project near Blue World City. Many well-known housing associations are found in the vicinity including Khaniyal Homes, Mumtaz City, Top City, Star Argo Farms, and University Town. Blue World City is an excellent location to live the life you want. From Islamabad, you can take the M2 Lahore-Islamabad road to Chakri road, Ring road construction will allow access to Chakri road, and thereby reducing the travel time of those coming from Rawalpindi areas like DHA and Bahria Enclave after the project is complete.

Attractions Near General Block

Blue World City is the first Pakistani city explicitly designed. It was designed to enhance Pakistan’s tourism industry and CPEC. The General Block’s management has already built replicas of world-class attractions and is planning to build additional models. The most popular tourist destinations near General Block are:

  • Blue Mosque

In Istanbul, the Blue Mosque reflects the magnificence of Islamic architecture and civilization. Blue World City in Islamabad is a recreation of the Mosque’s appearance and spirituality. Blue World City is Blue Mosque is currently being constructed on the 104 kanal of land. It has the same covered area as that of the first Mosque and a setting that invokes the same excitement and profound spiritual experiences that are characteristic of Islamic heritage.

  • Horse Mascots

The horse mascots in construction at Blue World City will be the tallest horse sculptures on the planet. At 125 feet above the ground and surpassing the 30-meter height of Kelpies in Scotland, The Horse Mascots draw tourists worldwide. They will be featured in the highly coveted Guinness Book of World Records. The replica is equipped with lighting, providing a stunning experience at night for all visitors.

  • Burj Al Arab

Blue World City will be one of the top tourist destinations across the world. The project combines some famous historical structures and modern wonders into one place. The magnificent reproduction that is Burj Al Arab stands tall with a height of 300 feet. It is a masterpiece, created with perfection under the continuous supervision of top engineers, architects, and builders. The BGC-IGC Consortium, the owner of Blue World City, will have its corporate headquarters within the towering building. In addition, Burj Al Arab at Blue World City will feature a sky roof restaurant and helipad, tennis courts on the roof, an Infinity pool, and an atrium that is 119 feet high.

  • Rumi’s Square

Jalal Mohammad was a Persian poet of the 13 century, a philosopher, poet, scholar, and holy man who changed the perception of wisdom and knowledge through his unique style and method. Rumi’s influence reaches across nations and continents, as evidenced by the throngs of people who visit his temple in Konya. Maulana Rumi’s honor is honored on the Blue World City most important squares featuring a beautifully designed sculpture of the renowned saint in his graceful swirling pose. Visitors will be captivated by the spirituality that emanates from this magnificent 70-foot night-lit work of art.

Payment Plan General Block

The owners and the management are finalizing the price and payment plans for plots available in consideration of the financial standing of prospective investors. The plan is an affordable four-year installment with monthly payments that everyone can manage to afford. After careful planning, the developers have come up with the Blue World City General Block payment plan. This is an excellent chance for investors and residents to reside in the most sought-after location of Islamabad with a focus on the town’s landmarks.

Why Invest in General Block?

The affordable Blue World City General Block rates should be the biggest factor that convinces purchasers and potential investors. However, there are many other advantages to investing in this project for housing. When we examine the map of the area used to locate the overall Block, it is clear how important the position of the development is. It is located close to all important sites within the housing development.

General Block balloting can be examined on Blue World City’s website. It is also possible to verify the authenticity of announcements and documents through Blue World City General Block verification of files. The management at the top of the housing project has invested a lot of effort and hard work into developing an ideal online system that runs everything smoothly.

Blue World City
General Block
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Blue World City General Block

Features & Amenities

Simply amazing and create an ever-lasting impression on anyone
who visits it. Some of its features include:
Safe and secure
General Block in Blue World City is the safest and most secure investment choice. Each time, highly-trained security personnel will be present.
Continuous video surveillance
To ensure you feel secure, we will be monitoring the entire neighborhood will be the main priority in this community of homes.
24/7 power and gas as well as water
Maintenance will always have personnel present to ensure that essential utilities aren’t disrupted.
Health Institute of the Future
If you are a resident of Blue World City, you will not have to worry about your well-being. Building of a modern fully-equipped hospital will start soon…
University, College, and School
The administration of the society is also planning to construct educational institutes that are of current requirements.
Mosques of Jamia
The General Block in Blue World City will be home to Grand Mosques to satisfy your spiritual and religious requirements.
Entertainment and Business Center
General Block has you covered entertainment. Commercial Hub and Entertainment Hub will form an integral part of the overall infrastructure.
Parks and Fitness Centers
Suppose you want to enjoy the fun with those you cherish or are a fitness enthusiast. To make it easier for you, Blue World City’s management Blue World City is constructing multi-purpose parks as well as fitness clubs.
Blue World City General Block

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