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Blue Town Sapphire

Blue Town Sapphire

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Pakistan is a blessed country to live in, because of the living facilities and hospitality it provides to its residents. You may find many areas in Lahore to live a healthy and prosperous life ahead. But the best among all of them is Blue Town Sapphire Lahore. Yes, you heard that right!

The Blue Town Sapphire is one of the most recent projects of its parent firm, the Sapphire Group. Since its inception, the organization has been committed to providing residents with world-class living services. And now, with the project’s completion, the inhabitants can be certain of receiving residential services they could never have dreamed of before.

Furthermore, Blue Town Sapphire Lahore offers all of the features, conveniences, and other benefits that a community should have. Today, we’ll take a closer look at Blue Town Sapphire Lahore and discover why it’s regarded as one of the nicest places to live. Continue reading till the conclusion, and don’t forget to give your thoughts.

Blue Town Sapphire Owners and Developers

The Blue Group Company is developing blue Town Sapphire Lahore in connection with other contractors known for the project’s rapid construction and completion.


BGC has embarked on a fantastic journey by launching real estate projects. Projects from BGC can be expected to impact the long-term effects of trust on its clients and investors. BGC has been aiming to provide an array of environmentally sustainable, green, affordable homes with all modern facilities.


Projects like these are likely to have a lasting effect on the life of residents. Blue Town Sapphire Lahore has been designed to offer investors an eco-friendly and sustainable environment. It is expected to provide the highest quality of life at a reasonable price. The people who live there have high expectations of BGC because they possess the ability to meet the hopes of their customers.


The relationship between blind trusts is a two-way transaction. Blue Town Lahore will be the second real estate development developed by Blue Group Company after the successful launch of  Blue World City Islamabad. Blue World City Islamabad has already reached its peak in the popularity of investors, as it has proven to offer luxury and the best quality and affordable.


It is among the housing communities with the lowest cost of living in Islamabad. BGC is set to hit another milestone with the launch of the stunning Blue Town Lahore in the middle of the second largest city and the most culturally rich city in Pakistan, Lahore.


About Blue Group of Companies (BGC)

Blue Group of Companies was formed in 1989 within the town of Lahore. At first, they provided design architecture, construction, and design services. Through their tireless work and dedication, they quickly gained respect from their customers and held a substantial part of the market.

After more than 31 years of a career that has been successfully working in the residential real estate sector, They have expanded their portfolio by launching and operating diverse kinds of companies. This has enabled customers to access a single solution for various services like design related to the real estate sector and construction and architecture IT, IT, and printing services. The company has also ventured into the retail market by introducing a woman’s clothes chain of retail stores.


Blue Town Sapphire Lahore Location and Map

Because backward places make travel difficult in today’s advanced world, location is the most crucial issue. However, at Blue Town Sapphire Lahore, you may take advantage of a wonderful site position with easy access to all commercial and residential services.

Blue Town Sapphire Lahore Site Map is a fantastic site, right on Lahore’s new zero point. All the important thoroughfares and commercial towns are closely linked to the ring road, and hence to civilization. Allama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore is the most significant landmark readily accessible from the ring road. Following that, easy access to Motorway M-2 via Bund Road is provided.

Another route to Blue Town Sapphire Lahore is the M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. The Blue Town Sapphire project Area has been fully authenticated and accepted by Lahore Development Authority (LDA), modified by the Master plan of the Lahore division-2016. Now, let’s discuss the Developers.

Blue Town Sapphire
Why Choose?

The Blue Town Sapphire design is primarily reflective of a global-level development strategy. Engineers consider not only the demands of the Pakistani people but also the needs of westerners. Blue Group Company has chosen the excellent site of Lahore’s new zero point for a residential society. All major highways leading to Lahore, as well as the motorway, are directly connected to Blue Town Sapphire Lahore. Blue Town Sapphire Lahore is approximately a 10 to 15-minute drive from Lahore through the Multan route. For real estate investors, this is the best chance for investing, as it has the best location and very inexpensive prices.

Before winding it up, let’s have a brief look at the features and amenities of Blue Town Sapphire Lahore.

Blue Town Sapphire Lahore’s management has released a meticulously developed master plan for this gorgeous piece of art residential society. It covers around 600 Kanal of land and offers 3 Marla, 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal plots for sale. It also provides commercial plots of 3, 5, and 8 Marla. It’s split into three sections: A, B, and C.

Unlike many, the payment plans of the Blue Town Sapphire are as easy as one could ever afford. The prices of the plots as well as the monthly installments, both are pocket-friendly and easy to pay. If you are looking for a much easier payment plan, you can get in touch with Emporium Properties and avail yourself of more convenience. Anyhow, the payment plan of Blue Town Sapphire Lahore is briefly explained below:

  • 3 Marla/Residential  → 1,365,000
  • 5 Marla/Residential  → 2,200,000
  • 8 Marla/Residential  → 3,480,000
  • 10 Marla/Residential  → 4,300,000
  • 1 Kanal/Residential  → 8,500,000
  • 3 Marla/Commercial  → 5,100,000
  • 5 Marla/Commercial  → 8,000,000
  • 8 Marla/Commercial  → 12,300,000
  • 10 Marla/Commercial  → 15,000,000

Please get in touch with us for a detailed payment plan, especially for down payments and monthly installments.

Blue Town Sapphire
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Blue Town Sapphire Features & Amenities

Blue Town Sapphire Lahore is designed to have all modern housing society amenities and conveniences. This society's level of modern facilities is unparalleled in Pakistan. From the design phase to the development phase, no detail has been ignored in order to realize the promise of a world-class housing society. Some of the fantastic features and amenities of Blue Town Sapphire are detailed here.

The society possesses a huge Jamia mosque to cover up the religious needs of the residents. Thousands of residents can pray in the mosque at a single time. Other small mosques are also under construction, especially for those who find it far away to reach the Jamia Mosque.

Roads and Lanes Infrastructure

A multitude of roadways with cutting-edge infrastructure is erected in the society. The roads are engaged up with Street Lights, Cat-Eyes, & Signboards.

Recreational Spaces and Parks

A lavish lifestyle necessitates healthy living practices. Greenery, gardens, lawns, parks, and other green places, which will be a hallmark component of the community.

Quality Educational Institutions

Residents are assured to avail of high-standard of education at a relatively low cost. The society has Kindergarten, Schools, Colleges, and Day Care Centers.

Safe & Secure Society

You are guaranteed to be amazed by the society's safety and security services right at the entrance gate. Aside from that, every location of Blue Town Sapphire Lahore has CCTV cameras and Toll-Free Numbers to contact the security team.

Medical Facilities

Last but not least, the medical facilities in that location are unmatched. The Medical Staff is accessible for your support and treatment 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Furthermore, no one in society will be bothered by the effort and patient load.

24/7 Basic Utilities

Underground, water pipelines, drainage pipelines, gas lines, and power lines are all built and concealed. This is an excellent starting point for making society more beautiful while simultaneously making it safer.

Well Planned Drainage system

Blue Town Sapphire Lahore's drainage system is designed to handle heavy rainfall and societal waste.

Royal Standard Design

Blue Town Sapphire Lahore has left no doubt in its ability to construct a cutting-edge residential community while adhering to global infrastructure development standards. The project drew a great deal of attention.

Structure of Blue Group of Companies

The expansive and rich structure of the company is a reflection of the level of expertise it offers. Here are the various portfolios of the BGC: BGC:

  • Blue Bricks
  • Blue Properties
  • Blue Palms
  • Blue Technologies
  • Blue Media

Blue Town Sapphire Lahore NOC

A No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Blue Town Sapphire Blue Town Sapphire is approved by the Lahore Development Authority (LDA). The reference number is no. LDA/DMP-V/1406, Dated: 23-12-2021.

We recommend to our valued customers and readers that before making any purchase, you first obtain an official no Objection Certificate (NOC) from the relevant authority for development in the city.

Blue Town Sapphire Lahore Location:

Blue Town Lahore is located in one of the desirable places in Lahore. It is close to the recently renamed zero point of Lahore N-5 National Highway and Manga Raiwind Road Lahore. The location plays a significant part in any real estate venture’s growth and success rate. 

This is why what selected the location of the key to accommodating this kind of luxury housing scheme. The speed of investment returns is also based on the quality of the actions taken by the residential properties. The service housing society is situated in the near vicinity of numerous other residential developments and landmarks.


Blue Town Sapphire Lahore has been made available in one of the ways listed below:

  • About a 01-minute drive from N-5 National Highway
  • It takes approximately 1 minute to travel time to Manga-Raiwind Road. Lahore
  • About 10 minutes drive away from Sunder Industrial Estate Rd, Sundar Sharif, Lahore.
  • About 07 minutes driving distance to Mal Talib Sarai Rd, Lahore
  • About 10 minutes driving distance to Kot Radha Kishan Road, Rosa, Kasur, Lahore

Blue Town Lahore Nearby housing societies:

  • Blue Town Sapphire Lahore is close to many significant landmarks and residential areas.
  • Bahria Town Lahore
  • Bahria Orchard Lahore
  • Bahria Orchard Awami Villas Lahore
  • DHA Lahore
  • Beaconhouse National University
  • Raiwind
  • Valencia Town
  • WAPDA Town
  • Green Town
  • Johar Town
  • Manga Mandi
  • The Oasis Golf and Aqua Resort
  • Sarai Chanba
  • Phool Nagar
  • Balloki
  • Bhail
  • Annual Tableeghi Markaz/Ground

How do you book a plot Blue Town Sapphire Lahore

There’s no reason to wait. Get Emporium Property’s most recent installment programs to ensure your family, and you will have an adequate future. Emoprium Properties is Blue World City’s chosen Marketing Partner for Sales.

Then, you’ll visit the Emporium Properties office with the below documents to secure your property at Blue Town Sapphire Lahore soon. Some documentation is required when booking your dream home in Blue Town Sapphire, Lahore. 

The following are the necessary documents:

  • Photos in passport size
  • Photocopies of the NICOP (in the case of an overseas)
  • Photographic copies from NADRA-issued CNIC
  • Booking Form
  • Booking Price

Attractive Features:

The appealing features of Blue Town Sapphire Lahore are the following:

Blue Town Sapphire Lahore has not left a mark unturned when it comes to creating the most modern residential society adhering to the international guidelines for infrastructure development. What paid a lot of effort to the construction of the project.

What built a vast network of roads fitted with the latest technology in the community with modern amenities like streetlights, cat-eyes, and signboards.

Jogging tracks and sidewalks with paved surfaces are also being developed to ease the lives of pedestrians. They also give an elegant and classy appearance to the community.

The builders have paid a large amount of attention to infrastructure development at an international level. Every step in the construction process is completed with total consideration. Foreign and local engineers were involved for this purpose to use their knowledge.

The extensive roads are well-planned and covered with carpet. Boulevards, lanes, and roads are an integral part of our society.

What will also build pedestrian paths and jogging tracks for the residents? They also give a stunning appearance to society.

Blue Town Sapphire Lahore has no rival in Pakistan since it provides high-end international standards and reliable essential utilities like gas, electricity, and water in an intelligent automated method.

Security cameras and CCTV cameras are scheduled to be installed and deployed to make sure that there is a safe plan.

Blue Town Sapphire offers the highest quality medical facilities. Drugstores, laboratories, hospitals, and treatment facilities are being built to care for patients.

Highly trained doctors and medical staff will operate up-to-date healthcare machines.

The prices of commercial and residential plots are affordable in an expensive and beautiful society. Who should take advantage of this chance as the costs will rise?

The new educational institutions will be among the most prestigious in Pakistan to offer expert knowledge and training to inhabitants. The classes offered will be of the highest quality. For teaching these courses, well-trained academic and non-academic students are employed.

The well-planned sewerage management and waste disposal system is constructed with the highest level of knowledge.

Modern markets, business centers, and shopping centers will also increase the value of our modern society.

Parks and play spaces are the lifeblood of this community.

Amenities & Facilities:

Blue Town Sapphire Lahore is designed to include all the modern amenities of housing society and amenities. This society’s quality of modern amenities is nothing like it in Pakistan. From the beginning of its design to the stage of development, every detail has been left unattended to fulfill a world-class housing society’s promise.

The facilities and amenities are made possible through the dedication of planners, architects, engineers, designers, and the rest of the staff. This effort will guarantee luxury living in eco-friendly and sustainable ways. Blue Town Sapphire Lahore is a stunning housing community with lavish amenities and cost-effective prices.

Blue Town Sapphire

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